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Surely we need more education on the causes of...

Surely we need more education on the causes of CANCER not drugs for it... Wake up and think about it...…Thanks Plott Palm Trees
SOCIAL MEDIA NEWSFLASH: We're all AWARE that cancer exists AND that you can get it in virtually every part of your body. Awareness achieved.
Sorry to burst your bubble while you're feeling so good about your important contribution to humanity, but promoting cancer awareness with pink ribbons, races, mustaches, and selfies with no make-up, or a sock over your ding-a-ling helps nothing.

Here's a simple way to really help FOR REAL: 
Put CA$H MONEY in the hands of a cancer patient you know. They need it for rent, groceries, gas, treatments, supplements, meds, etc. So yeah, be awesome and do that.
(And yes the sock thing is really happening)!!!!!

~my guess is so many follow what they see instead of researching the WHY or point of it. Not saying that a pink ribbon is not good or what it is, yet who really stands being promoting or supporting it. I use to be one that would purchase anything with a pink ribbon or donate. Over the years, I learned through different cancer support groups and cancer patients it is best to donate to that family alone.You would not believe where the $$$ goes through some of the organizations/donations of large charity groups.. I rather run a race set up for a cancer patient and proceeds goes directly to that person.


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Thank You So Much For All your support WE DID GET...

Thank You So Much For All your support WE DID GET ALL THE PALM TREES AT TROPICAL MISSOURI RANCH!!! GO To Our Fan Page On Facebook To See The Pictures! IT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!



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