Allergy Relief with Immune-Boosting Moringa


Many mysteries remain in the study of allergies.  Ironically, most allergens are not harmful to the body; however the immune system mistakes them for foreign substances, or antigens, and goes on the attack.  Our immune systems create disease-fighting proteins in white blood cells known as antibodies, which defend against antigens.  Amazingly, we develop specific antibodies for each element our bodies identify as a threat.  Once we have certain antibodies, they can recognize the same offender time and time again to protect our bodies.  But when we come in contact with the same innocent allergens year after year, or even several times within a season, our bodies go into overdrive creating histamines to fend off what it believes to be harmful antigens.  Mucus produced by histamines leads to those pesky runny noses, sore throats, itchy, watery eyes, deep coughs and sometimes an upset stomach.  This entire process is known as an allergic inflammatory response.Tree Allergies_courtesy of examiner.comIf you suffer from seasonal allergies, you probably dread being outdoors during certain times of the year.  Pollen, budding trees and the resurgence of various grasses are the biggest springtime allergens, making many people’s lives rather miserable during nature’s season of revival and growth.  Allergies are often genetic or congenital, but sometimes they develop due to our health condition and environmental exposure.  While there are no tried and true cures for allergies, a healthier immune system can help reduce symptoms.  And that is why Moringa can be your best ally during allergy season!

Often, seasonal allergies are unavoidable.  If one of our parents has allergies, we are 33% more likely to have them; If both parents suffer from allergies, we are 70% more likely. And not going outside at all is probably not an option for most people, especially in the spring.  But there is a way to reduce allergy symptoms:  build up your immune system.  Strong immune systems can more quickly and effectively address allergens, shortening the time you’ll experience nasal and lung congestion after exposure.  For those who aren’t genetically prone to allergies, staying healthy and building up immune strength within white blood cells can decrease your risk of developing allergies.

moringa capsulesSo how do you build and strengthen your immune system?  The answer is a multi-step process that will also improve every aspect of your overall health and wellness.  First, a healthy diet filled with colorful fruits and vegetables is essential.  We need a range of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients to keep all of our body systems running smoothly.  Supplementing our diet withnatural superfoods like Moringa can significantly boost our bodies’ nutritional intake, offering some vital amino acids, antioxidants and nutrients that we could not otherwise consume on a daily basis.  With over 90 bio-nutrients and more antioxidants than any other plant, Moringa capsules can be taken like a multi-vitamin and offer amazing benefits, including more energy, feeling satiated and therefore reducing unhealthy food cravings, stabilizing blood sugar levels within a normal range, improving cognitive abilities and helping to achieve emotional balance.

Additionally, we can enhance our immune systems through daily exercise, reducing stress, keeping a positive attitude, having an active social life, maintaining a clean living environment, washing hands often and getting regular, restful sleep.  Believe it or not, things you never realized may also contribute to better immune health, such as owning a pet or being in an intimate relationship.  And of course avoiding toxins like excessive alcohol and tobacco is important for immunity as well.

Ok, so allergies are an unavoidable evil in many of our lives.  There is no magic pill to make them go away, but if you suffer from them seasonally, you would probably welcome almost any natural way to relieve the symptoms.  With the power of Moringa and smart lifestyle choices, you can make put some spring back in spring.

Wishing you a happy and healthy spring season!


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