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Certified Organic HEMP PRO 70 - 5Lb

HEMP PRO 70 - 5Lb

I am Strong!

Fuel your body, enhance muscle development, speed up recover and optimize your overall well-being with HEMP PRO 70 water soluble 70% protein concentrate! Great for anyone young or old, from the Olympic athlete to the weekend warrior, HEMP PRO 70 has you covered.



Why HEMP PRO 70?
HEMP PRO 70 is the world’s first water soluble hemp protein powder. What does this mean exactly? Virtually flavorless with a smooth, creamy texture, HEMP PRO 70 can literally be thrown in a shaker cup with water or liquid like Hemp Bliss Organic Hemp Beverage and simply enjoyed as nutrition on the go.

The biggest benefit most people notice with hemp protein powders versus other protein powders is the improved digestion. Hemp is highly digestible and contains all 10 essential amino acids. In addition, hemp protein contains omegas. Many fans of hemp protein have commented on enhanced muscle recovery and sustained energy when adding HEMP PRO 70 into their fitness routine.

All of Plott’s packaging has the ‘packaged on’ and ‘best before dates’ to ensure you’re getting the highest quality product available.  HEMP PRO 70 contains no additives or preservatives and is non-genetically modified.

Ingredients: Hemp protein concentrate (70% protein by weight) and natural plant extracts. 



Shake with water or juice. Blend into smoothies, sprinkle onto hot cereal or add to baking.

Recommended Serving Size: 4 Tablespoons (30g).
Storage: Refrigerate after opening.




Star Star Star Star Star innovation at its finest!
By:Amir Friedman from Westmount, QC, CA on February 17, 2011
"This is hands down the best hemp protein powder in the world! There are simply no other 70% protein content hemp powders on the market today; the result is an exceptionally smooth, exquisite, creamy protein shake which packs on muscle mass like you wouldn't believe! If you are looking for the most healthy and effective protein powder on the market for bulking up, this is it. I simply cannot live without my Hemp Pro 70 and therefore wish it wasn't out of stock so often."
Star Star Star Star Star

Off the charts nutritious

By:George from Charlestown, RI, US on December 31, 2010
"Found this amazing product at a Chicago show at Navy Pier this summer. Took enough samples to get an educated experience. Hands down, this is the best source of clean protein for the money I have ever found. Where else can you get 15g of clean protein without the added sugars and other junk? I dare you to find another product thats better."
Star Star Star Star Star

Excellent, Amazing, Love it

By:Dionne from Toronto, CA on November 25, 2011
"I love Hemp Pro 70, this powder is so smooth and creamy, I love the taste, the texture, I love everything about this product, I add one small frozen banana, hand full of Kale, 2 table spoon of the hemp oil, I could eat it all day, this is an amazing product for me, who cannot consume dairy or Soy."
Star Star Star Star Star

Great stuff!

By:Connor Helms from Rockford, IL, US on March 17, 2013
"I ordered two bakc in september, I also use musclefeast premium blend. This is by far the best hemp protein out there, nutiva has nothing comparable and onnit is wayyyyyyyyyy to expensive (even more so than this). Now this time I bought another during the st patty's sale, which is appropriate: the hemp pro 70 tastes EXACTLY like irish soda bread!"
Star Star Star Star Star

Best Protein Source

By:Ray M from Brentwood, CA, US on February 16, 2013
"I was informed of hemp protein by a health advisor for my strenuous workouts. I workout probably twice per day consisting of cardio, weights, core, and boxing/kickboxing. I suffered from soreness and a nasty aftertaste from other products. The other products were also filled with extra additives and sugar. After taking the Pro 70 (with coconut milk)..the soreness has virtually gone away. I've leaned out more and I feel a ton better."
Star Star Star Star Star

This Stuff Is Great Shakes!

By:Michael Undlin from Plymouth, MN, US on April 21, 2013
"Most mornings we start our day with a quick shake of Hemp Pro 70 mixed in with almond milk, coconut milk, chia seed gel, and wheat grass (with an occasional dash of honey when the mood strikes). It's energy. It's protein. It's nutrients. And it's even decent tasting. A bit of that green alfalfa kind of aftertaste, but who cares - it's a powerful way to start the day. I'm trying to train to run long distances (injuries intervene, but I'll get there). Injury free, 4 miles feels like nothing, and I am confident the Hemp Pro 70 is a key part of that. (At 57, that seems ok to me.)"
Star Star Star Star Star

No comparison

By:Degu from Kona, HI, US on June 5, 2013
"There is simply nothing to compare to this 70% blend of hemp seed protein. Absolutely nothing! Trust me I have looked. You can find protein that has the same amino acid profile, you can find protein that has the same omega ratio and iron count, but I dare you to find a protein with that same profile that is made from only ONE ingredient without all the extra cancerous ingredients! WOW! I used to work out and get tired so fast before I started using this protein. I am vegetarian and was mostly eating soy for my source of protein. After doing my research about soy and its inhibitors, I switched to this as my ONE AND ONLY protein. Bottom line, If you are an athlete, vegetarian or not, this is pure nirvana. Recovery time cut in half = better all around fitness. A+ PS. I run over 25 miles a week with weight training as well."
Star Star Star Star Star


By:Louie from Boston, MA, US on May 25, 2013
"I use this protein powder and luv it. I feel that I get results from this protein than other products on the market. "
Star Star Star Star Star

Great Stuff

By:Mark from Los Angeles, CA, US on April 27, 2013
"Take it on the road. Staying in a rotten hotel in Vegas, just throw some in a cup, add water, shake, and you just had a small meal full of protein."
Star Star Star Star Star

Amazing Product!

By:Satisfiedconsumer25 from Menifee, CA, US on March 6, 2013
"This is my favorite protein powder! Anything with whet makes me feel so bloated, but no side effects thus far with the hemp except great results! I have used this product for nearly 7 months now and love how natural it is compared to other products. The powder mixes well with my shakes, baked goods, and anything else I care to add it to, and I don't notice a taste difference at all! I get the protein I need straight from a plant, which is especially great for me since I don't like to eat meat very often. The company is also wonderful. Whereas with most products you order the container is only 3/4 full, theses guys fill it all the way to the top! So you really are getting your money's worth! I strongly recommend hemp protien! "
Star Star Star Star Star

Great Value

By:William Moore from Yuma, AZ, US on September 26, 2013
"This is the best protein powder I have used!!!!!! Tastes great, mixes easily and great price, better price in bulk. Low carb and high protein content is perfect!!! "
Star Star Star Star Star

Hemp Pro 70

By:Paul R. from Aliso Viejo, CA, US on July 25, 2013
"My entire family loves it. We add it to our Sambazon acai bowls almost every morning in the blender. Energy levels are high and sustained throughout our entire morning. We lovePlottPalmTrees.Com. "
Star Star Star Star Star

Wow life got even better!! Great product the best!!!

By:Franco S from San Diego , CA, US on July 18, 2013
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