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Complex™ Moringa Blend (Leaves, Stems, Flower Blossoms, Seeds, Pods) RICH

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Moringa Complex SPECIAL BLEND FROM Moringa King™



Therapeutic chart for blend here 
Just now · 
You are restored daily. DOES CONTAIN B12 in this moringa complex blend. 
Just now · 
This is my personal secret remedy food elixir and I have not brought it out till now... So check the new complex blend of our MORINGA COMPLEX (leaves, stems, seeds, flower blossoms, and drumsticks ).
Add Moringa Powder To your Smoothies, About A Teaspoon Per Serving, Or Taste.
Sprinkle Some Onto A Vegetable, Fruit, Or Even Ice Cream.

You Can Add It To Soups, Sauces, Casseroles, Or Vegan Dishes. Take Care Not To Heat Moringa Above 118F Degrees To Avoid Damaging The Nutrients.

Moringa Can Be Stored For Up To 2 Years In A Cool, Dry Place If You Keep The Air-Tight Container Closed. Five Years If you FREEZE IT. 

NOTE: If You Are Using mooring For The First Time limit Your Portions To One Teaspoon Per Serving For The First Few Days To Avoid Mild Diarrhea- Diuretic . 

Moringa Oleifera is a 100% Natural, Unprocessed Fresh Herb; a perfect form of food endowed with 24 vitamins and minerals, fiber, protein, and the essential amino acids that carry toxins out of your body. 

You Can't Grow Wrong At PlottpalmTrees.Com

Not as green as 0ur infamous organic pure 100% leaf extract powder. Just ask in the meantime upon checkout it is only a 25 dollar addition that is totally worth having if you want the best of the ENTIRE MORINGA MIRACLE TREE ( minus the bark because they side react to bark and roots). It is about as natural as my all natural hemp kicks I wear and hoody. Thought I would capture that. Learn more about what the word is on the streets
about our product by clicking here :
Yep you heard it trophy plot ties out there supporting the plottz going on out here right now. Sorry for the inconvenience...we are trying to change the world ....~E.G.Plott~—


Moringa Complex™ 





  • COMPLEX™ Blend 1 Pound×
  • Complex™ Blend Caps 30x×
  • Complex™ Vegan Caps 100x×
  • Complex Blend Veg Caps 400x×
  • 1000x Complex ™ Blend Caps×
  • 2000x Veggie Caps Complex™×
  • MoringaSOP+ Complex (Trio Blend™) POUND×
  • QUADRUPLEX™ (MoringaSOP+Complex+FREEZe™) Pound×
  • "100% Leaf Powder Pound"×
  • "MoringaSOP FREEZe™ Vegan Caps"×
  • "Moringa FREEZe™ POUND"×
  • "FULL MoringaSOP Parabox"×
  • "180x MoringaSop Teabags"×
  • "360x MoringaSop Teabags"×
  • "90x MoringaSop Teabags"×
  • "10 Pound Moringa Bulk Deal"×
  • "3x boxes MoringaSOP Vita + Sacket"×


Cure For cancer Box Killer. 






P= POD .... R=ROOT ....

B= BARK....G=GUM.....

O=OIL....      F=FLOWER...... 


And Each Does A Completely Different Job,

Make Sure You know Why You Are Taking The Moringa, 





Is It For PREVENTATIVE USE Or Health Benefits Or As A Medicinal? To Use As A Medicine The Protocol We Like To Use Is By Taking The Three Day Challenge And See How Much 


You can Consume 1-3 Teaspoons For FIRST THREE DAYS IS THE GOAL...After That You Can Take A Tablespoon A Day Or Gradually Boost To 3 Tablespoons Throughout The Day...

To Take 5- OR MORE Tablespoons (10-20 Capsules) A Day IS TO USE MORINGA AS A MEDICINAL. Since It Is VERY HIGH AMOUNTS OF MORINGA.       








Moringa has just appeared on the radar of Western culture in recent years and by the impressive results it is achieving, it should become much more popular over the course of the next few years.

The food value of this tree is so potent that it has the ability, properly dispensed, to wipe out malnutrition. The nutritional content is so balanced and it contains such an abundance of a wide variety of nutrients,

that it can practically be considered a well-rounded diet all by itself.









Moringa Oleifera is an indigene of the foothills of the Himalayas in Northeastern India, but it is cultivated in tropical and sub-tropical climates from West Africa to Southeast Asia.

Moringa requires temperatures above freezing, but has been known to survive 2 or 3 days per year of light frost. The mature Moringa tree is slender with drooping branches that grows to approximately 33 ft (10 m) tall.

Here is a new crop of Moringa seedlings that will be transplanted for large-scale production. In cultivation, especially when used for livestock forage or for intensive growing for production of leaves and seed pods,

the trees are often cut back to 3 ft (1 m) or less and allowed to regrow each year so that pods and leaves remain within easy reach. The green pods look similar to and are eaten much like green beans.

Moringa is especially promising as a food source in the semi arid climates because the tree is in full leaf at the end of the dry season when most green vegetation has dried up because of the heat and drought.

Moringa leaves can be eaten fresh like a salad, cooked like spinach or combined with a variety of other foods. They make a tasty addition to soups and they can be used to make a nutritious herbal tea.

They can be dried and crushed into a fine powder and stored for several months without refrigeration and reportedly without loss of nutritional value. In fact the dried powder from leaves can be eaten in greater quantity,

because the absence of the water content allows you to eat more. In tribal cultures the powder is added to other dishes for flavor and nutrition.

Scientific findings support anecdotal reports that Moringa leaves contain more Vitamin A than carrots, more calcium than milk, more iron than spinach, more Vitamin C than oranges, and more potassium than bananas.

The protein in Moringa leaves rivals that of milk and eggs.




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