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Moringa oleifera : A Review of the Medical Evidence for Its Nutritional, Therapeutic, and Prophylactic Properties.

Trees for Life Journal


Moringa oleifera 
: A Review of the Medical Evidence for Its

Nutritional, Therapeutic, and Prophylactic Properties. Part 1. Jed W. Fahey, Sc.D.

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I am going to choose a study, that is real popular when regarding the moringa plant,

which happens to be the most nutritional tree on this planet and antioxidant rich plant known

to man. The seeds can purify water, it contains all the essential fatty acids, it also contains

vitamin A, E, D, and B Complex vitamins including b12; In fairly high amounts as well. 



• You can learn more about Moringa containing b12 HERE:


•The actual Study is taken from John Hopkins University:



•Moringa Cures Lyme DIsease:



Now what is so important about this study is it shows the public how moringa literally does prevent and cure over 300 different diseases including cancer,

diabetes, and many chronic illnesses as well; it has been used for thousands of years medicinally and this is very important to take into consideration.

Culturally, throughout history one knew how well a herbal remedy worked, based upon how it would pass the test of time,

meaning if one method or concoction of herbs worked against certain ailments, it was carried on and used over and over again.

I read that in the first chapter of Monica Marcu's book,

"The Miracle Book" which You can purchase online here: (page 13).

Here is a chart that further explains which part of the tree therapeutically has effect on the human body. 



1. What is the message recommending or promoting? 


This John Hopkins study is promoting the dispelling of traditional studies of long cultural hearsay and concluding more of a scientific finding/basis

 in comparison with the claims made about moringa's ability as a whole food (Quite possibly the ultimate whole-Superpower Miracle Plant/Food discovered),

to alleviate most all acute and even chronic diseases. This study subsides with the declaring of Moringa as the Most Nutrient Rich/Dense Plant ever discovered

and recent ORAC testing shows it carries a much higher rating of antioxidants than any other plant as well; according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH).



2. What problem is this recommendation intended to solve? 

The problems that would be alleviated from the consumption of just the leaves alone, or even the leaves, bark, flowers, pods, seeds, oil, stems, etc would be

the optimum portrayal of "Perfected Health". Moringas entire quality is in aiding against, protecting, and even reversing over 300 different illness; as well using the seeds when crush to purify the water,

it is anti-fungal, anti viral, anti-tumor, removes toxins from the body, removes heavy metals from the body, the oil can be used to fuel and run engines/cars as a biofuel,

the phytochemicals found in this plant can block radiation, the minerals are so abundant in the moringa it can be used as a all natural organic pesticide, herbicide, insecticide,

and perfect ph fertilizer for the yard/garden/trees/foliage, and it is a perfect source of nutrition;

it lacks in no nutritional area. In fact nothing in the entire plant or animal kingdom

even come close to the nutritional content of this one plant. 
ALSO...There Is Nothing In The Plant Or Animal Kingdom That COMES CLOSE TO THE NUTRITIONAL CONTENT...And Get This Recently The Discovered That not Even The Most Anti-Oxidant Rich Plants Are Even Half The Strength Of Anti-Oxidant Power Rich THan The M photo 859604_172759072912299_212129868_o.jpg

3. What questions are being asked about this problem

(by the author, or in the research cited).

  " For example, on the surface a report published almost 25 years ago (141) appears to establish Moringa as a powerful cure for urinary tract infection, but it provides the reader
with no source of comparison (no control subjects). Thus, to the extent to  the extent to which this is antithetical to Western medicine, Moringa has not yet been and will not be embraced
by Western-trained medical practitioners for either its medicinal or nutritional properties" ( Trees for Life Journal- John Hopkins Study Of Health)
The new question is about whether this plant's attributes can scientifically be backed up with traditional claims made over thousands of years of herbal knowledge being passed
down from one generation to the next. Even the ancient Egyptians were very fond of the moringa plant. 
Studies show through many historic events that Moringa was used by the Royal
Pharaohs as a source to anti-age and stay preserved, so much so, they would pour the moringa oil in vases inside their tomb burial, because they believed it would preserve their soul for afterlife.  

 MORINGA KING ? -plottpalmtrees.?om

  Popular Name	Moringa Oleifera
Moringa, Drumstick tree, benzolive tree, West Indian ben, horseradish tree, Ben Oil tree, Sahjan, ma rum, kelor, Murungai Maram photo 9096_163657467155793_956203086_n.jpg

So, the question being asked, is if there can be even just smaller studies

to expand on all these very vociferous claims

and by means of scrupulous plant studies to get us there; we maybe on  the right path.

There can be many challenges,

as Plant Based Nutrition is not a very funded research these days (Or Ever).

4. What kinds of evidence are being used to answer these questions?

Jed W. Fahey, Sc.D. states,

"In many cases, published in-vitro (cultured cells) and in-vivo (animal) trials do provide a degree of mechanistic support for some of the claims that have sprung from the traditional medicine lore. For example,numerous studies now point to the elevation of a variety of detoxification and antioxidant enzymes and biomarkers as a result of treatment with Moringa or with phytochemicals isolated from Moringa (39,40,76,131). I shall briefly introduce antibiosis and cancer prevention as just two examples of areas of Moringa research for which the existing scientific evidence appears to be particularly strong." (pg. 5)


 It looks like to me Jed has found a great connection between the traditional miracle stories of moringa and the actual proof, or at least we are getting closer to that moment of truth; could this be the curing miracle plant of the century? If so, then I believe the next question that Jed should be asking is, "why are Western practitioners not using this as a source to 'cure-all' "

5. What kinds of assumptions are being made about the problem? 

Well, since moringa cannot be patented as a drug or extracted into a synthetic man-made formed serum,

it is likely that it will be associated with most herbs, it is not marketable; hence it will not bring in adequate number of profits to sustain the plant based research with necessarily guidelines. Could this be irony when we are looking for a silver bullet, but since it is the green bullet; we don't want it anymore? Unfortunately this plant has been used and cultivated all across the globe, being used for thousands of years by many nations; to heal, treat, and prevent many diseases including HIV, cancer, diabetes, obesity, and malnutrition. So, we have the minimalist research that has been done on animals, and you can find a vast collection of a plethora of documented peer review research papers on the moringa (Over 800 in fact, some will be listed below from Pubmed)


6. What can you tell about the author’s approach to nutrition science?

To me, it looks as though this author/researcher was being very careful to collaborative a whole broad collection of studies on the moringa,

and connected the dots quite succinctly and in latter day depiction; you didn't have to read an entire book to see the enormous benefits of this medicine plant.

 This very study is what got me very excited and intrigued to learn more about the moringa's almost magical qualities as a truly remarkable and extraordinary tree of our time.

I feel the authors sources as well as his works as manifested; are among exemplary findings to hold a more credible stance on the therapeutic and preventive uses of this whole food medicine. 


7. Are the conclusions well reasoned and warranted by the evidence? 

Jed ties up his research with,

"Traditional practice has long suggested that cancer prevention and therapy may be achievable with native plants.

 Modern practitioners have used crude extracts and isolated bioactive compounds. 

The proof required by modern medicine has not been realized because neither the prevention of cancer nor

 the modification of relevant biomarkers of the protected state has been adequately demonstrated in human subjects. 

Does this mean that it doesn’t work? No. It may well work, but more rigorous study is required in order to achieve a level

of proof required for full biomedical endorsement of Moringa as, in this case, a cancer preventative plant."


I Feel for myself that the conclusion resolves the original context of reasoning, by really going out and examining what millions

of true testimonial word of mouth patients have said about the miracle working, healing power of the moringa .


Recording all our findings to the best of our ability is crucial in this stage of moringa development.

The moringa is fully capable of saving millions, if not billions of people in the world today.

I really do find it a great honor and joy to be researching this one plant

that has constantly been getting more and more new findings each and every day.

What other exciting factors and benefits will we unveil with this Moringa Tree of Miracles? 

8. What might be some important consequences of accepting these conclusions

(for society, the environment, etc.)?


If more people knew about this one plant, we could literally save millions of peoples lives within the first month alone,

there is just not enough push in research and most of the findings are not taken seriously, as health supplementation has given

herbal remedies quite a bad name, when you get blanched or ethylene sprayed organic supplements, you think you are doing yourself good;

while on one hand you might be getting the qualities of that plant extract, you are also getting many "ORGANICALLY SPRAYED CHEMICALS" as well.


If This Plant could become cultivated and accepted here in the Western world in wholefood, organic- all natural form;

we would see obesity levels (Malnutrition) plummet, we would see blood sugar of the diabetic become neutralized, we would see more cancer patients going in remission,

people with unknown diagnoses linking to depression, anxiety, and other maladies would find that their were not getting the full chuck

load of nutrients which are abundantly and bioavailable  present in this plant. I urge all to educate themselves and GROW this tree before it is made illegal by the FDA. 

We could all be health then, we would not have to worry about where to get this vitamin or that supplement,

we could literally trade out our entire medicine or even vitamin cabinet for this one wholefood plant.

We could give jobs and enhance the economy and clean up all the water problems with the crushed moringa seed cake.

We could use the Moringa as a normal source to block radiation, such as Fukushima.

We have many environmental issues from the water, air, and pollution from endless amounts of confounders;

moringa can remove them from our bodies before they are stored up into our cell structure. 




 photo 1091052_163661410488732_1935430854_o.jpg



References:     "The Miracle Book" (page 13)

Marcu,Monica  "The Miracle Book" (p.13).    KOS Health Publications; First edition (May 2005)

  • ISBN-10: 1583083960
  • ISBN-13: 978-1583083963



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  • Links to scientific proof on the benefits of moringa


Moringa is a Cancer Cell Killer:


Strong Antioxidant Activity:


For Myocardial Patients:


For overall Metabolic Syndrome:


Powerful Immune booster:


Kidney stone will be discharged naturally in 4 ~6 weeks.


Also Gallbladder Stone will be discharged in 3 weeks.


Sugar level goes down immediately and lowered A1C will follow.


Insulin dependents can decrease injections in a month.


Lowering blood pressure will be confirmed in less than 2 weeks.


Hypertension and Diabetes Complication:




Joint pain will be gone in 3 days.


Moringa is your Liver Guardian:


Lower cholesterol  LDL and increased HDL will follow.


Your Heart must be protected:






Thyroid Hormone Abnormality:


Prevent Damaged DNA caused ailments:




Protect from Radiation:


For Stress:


Drug Side Effects:


Moringa is natural antibiotics:


Prevent cataract:





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