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According To WebStats.Com We Are 100/100 With Our Reputation AND STILL GROWING TO BE THAT 5 STAR BUSINESS WE DREAM OF! Help Me, Help You, Make A Dream Come True!  ~E.G.Plott~And You Can't Grow Wrong At PlottPalmTrees.ComPatricia Plott Jenni photo 64732_121775581343982_443866900_n.jpgEND OF THE WORLD SALE! Read More Details Below- See More.. Here Is Your SAVINGS!The CAP DEAL IS 1000 Caps Priced At photo 205095_523410484343909_1596711109_n.jpg photo 72444_115108998677307_1953189666_n.jpg

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  •  The 1000% Truth Concerning The First & Only And Cannot Be Repeated! A Tropical Missourah. 

Written by Dr.Eric Geoffrey Leonard Plott
1) My Venture is for profit.
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2) My Company is one of a kind more than most, actually to the point were we have the market completely cornered. What do we have? Well, We have palm trees. That grow in Missouri. Year-Round. OUTDOORS. Don't believe me? Well, I have about 20 Palm trees in my front and backyard now, that are 12-15 feet tall. I have been growing palm trees and subtropical plants right in my yard here in Missouri for over three years now. SUCCESSFULLY. They grow here. What is special about us at PlottPalmTrees.Com is the aspect of taking the Show-Me State on an adventure to help accent the already beautiful landscape of the Midwest. We have first-hand knowledge on how to initiate growing palm trees and pulling it off each year. How-so? Well, I have a major youtube channel, five to be exact and I am connected on all the social networks to stay connected with my friends, family, audience, and customers. They get to see frequent updates in the visual vortex of a movie, video, or just pictures that ever single claim I make is truth. I have some really heavy claims, but my momma always told me that as long as I had the evidence to back it up, it may be hard-hitting, but it is what it is until it changes. So then it is the truth; some know that truth is stranger than fiction and no matter how strange I seem to the world, I will always remain with the truth in my heart. The idea kind of just fell on my lap and in just the first year we actually won four awards for our idea, we won a film festival, we were on KOMU channel 8, and the KMFC radio. On our third year of successfully overwintering palm trees and other exotic hardy plants, we are accumulating a growing and amazingly Global audience of over 2 million new contacts per year and exceeding the boundaries of limitation. My videos even recently got the attention from Harvard University; they liked them so much, they actually accepted me! So set aside from being the first business to pioneer palm trees to the Midwest and all similar climates, we also found something even more spectacular. While we had many ups on this Journey to bring a taste of the tropics to the Missourian woodlands, there came some hard down-falls on us, in a more personal way. My father had been diagnosed with Diabetes, like many Americas today, we know someone or we are that one that has to deal with the constant struggle of a unwanted illness or health complication. So, what does this have to do with my idea? Glad, you asked. Being the natural research and observer that I am, I Went ahead and studied a bit out of my field; more into a health aspect. I feared my father was going to die, as he wasn't doing well at all. I researched to find that in America one in three get cancer and diabetes is even more common. Where 67% Americans are overweight and 33% are obese. So, researched for cures that were not drugs, because those seemed like they weren't doing anything, but making the issue worse. Long story short, I discovered the Most Nutritional And Anti-Oxidant rich plant in the world. Big deal? Well, actually yeah, it was. I Managed to convince my dad into taking it; set-aside from its strong plant-line taste and spinach flavor. It didn't take too much, considering my dad would try anything at this point, to maintain staying alive. So, he took it, and I kid you not, It was not even just three weeks later that his doctor said that he no longer had diabetes. His blood was like that of a teenager again and it was perfect. It fixed his pancreas even. Too much of a miracle to believe? Well, no wonder they call it the Tree Of Miracles then. Not all will believe in A Miracle, but Don't give up before the Miracle Happens. Of course diabetes is more of a life style than a sickness, it is a disfunction of the organs, a depletion or absence of nutrients, and it CAN be reversed with nutrition. Since, I Have been sharing with the public about the scientific facts of this plant, I have actually acquired a great deal of testimonials with similar and same results. You can view these real people on my website recommendations page in the Moringa Shop. I have been selling this cure for sometime now, it is not only saving lives, but making me have the income I need to continue to research more on this plant and present to the public (Not quite like a doctor who can make a whopping 500-5000 dollars a month on Chemo Drugs per month, that alone will kill you). This tree on record, with John Hopkins research papers (And many others, all present on my website), proves to cure & prevent over 300 Different diseases including cancer and diabetes. The Seeds when crushed purify water, the oil can be used as a biofuel to run cars, and the special compounds found in the miracle plant are so potent they can kill tumors on contact (and naturally instead of through radiation), removes toxins, re-news blood, removes heavy metals in the body, and finally it blocks radiation. We all know the radiation from Chemo can be very heart-breaking, due to the side effects, ( Chemo-Brain) there finally is a better route and at even a much lower cost financially. My idea is not to only bring palm trees to Missouri and be known as the, "The Man Who Tricked Mother-Nature" (KOMU Coined That Name), Or I will not be known as just a great business man that was able to make enough income at the young age of 21 years old to attend Harvard with No Financial Aid or support other than my own profits.But even more than all that, I will be one day known as the first man to embrace and publicize the cures for cancer, diabetes, and over 300 different diseases…. My Name Is Eric Geoffrey Leonard Plott. This plant does all that, and I actually guarantee it will cure all those things mentioned (Diabetes & Cancer) or your money back, sound like a risky claim? Or even a scam? I thought so to, but that isn't me. Well, even if the FDA knocks on my door, they cannot hold this friendly satisfaction guarantee against me; We are saving lives one victim at a time and for that, I fear no litigation that may lurk beside me. I have on my website a nice shockingly convincing video that will explain how the American Medical Institution CANNOT patent a plant to make money off of it (Look Up "Cancer-The Forbidden Cures PLOTTPALMTREES.COM" Just Like That). 
So even if the cure FOR EVERYTHING were a special apple for instance, that all could obtain, the Medical Establishment could never acknowledge it as such and will leave it high and dry, until they could extract a compound form of the plant and turn it into a man-made drug. Until then they may even ban or make the newfound cure illegal to use in the meantime, due to threading outcome of dreaded loss of profits; as long as the general public does not become aware of where the Hospitals Originated from. Truth is, if us Doctor cure you, the patient, then you no longer have a problem, but if we can only treat you and keep you coming back in for a monthly, weekly, or hopefully daily schedule, well then we are doing a great job and you are helping us get that trip we couldn't afford. (Ephesians 5:11)
I am now pursuing becoming a doctor at Harvard Medical; not as a Medical Doctor, but as a simple man with the actual cure, a God-given plant, not man-made drug. You might not be able to give this award to me, but
I Really Can't Complain, I Get To Do What I Love Doing...And At The Same Time, I Save Lives...Nothing Better In The World Is More Rewarding Than Working Together To Be Alive. ~E.G.Plott~
3) My Market group is landscapers, people who have pools, golf courses, those who have been to exotic locations and know that the reason why they go go to vacation to Hawaii, California, Belize, Morocco, Mexico, Or Florida Is simply due to the Palm trees. Think about it this way, if you went to those locations just mentioned, what would be missing if all the palm trees were gone, but LIFE, FREEDOM, And Serenity. 
For the moringa plant of mine, which I also grow, it is targeted to every living being on the planet that wants to prevent being sick, get better, or just feel great! I sell the powder, caps, soap, soup, seeds, tree, facial cream, shampoo/conditioner, oil, and bulk for the best price with the most organic, fresh, all-natural, and pure form. There is nothing more nutritional in all the plant or animal kingdom; nothing even comes close to the nutritional content of this tree- just watch my video on youtube entitled, "the Perfectional Plant; The Most Nutritional Tree On This Planet". I Won a talent award & director of the year in 2011 for this video. It is fun and educational, just like everything we do at PlottPalmTrees.Com. Our target audience is and has been the world. I ship globally for that reason alone. Because we are showing the World REAL RESEARCH, SCRUPULOUS STUDIES, LIVE EXPERIMENTATION, AND A TRUE TROPICAL STORY. The most important people to reach in this venture, are those who are severely sick with illnesses like Cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, obesity, and all the major reasons for death. I have a PlottsHealth Channel To help people awaken and become more conscious of health, one video that stands out right now, is my "Uprooting the leading cause of death PLOTTPALMTREES.COM". Type that in a google search and it will blow your mind, but besides that, I have made it my life mission to venture to the people that are sick and dying and to educate them with a real cure that is not at the gains of corporate greed, but rather Human Sensical And Progressive Development Of Inner Self To Others.I have a Certification of Law-Nature Observations 2013 © License 1145172.
We are living in a time were here in America where our children today will be the FIRST generation of children that will NOT out live the parent generation -Dr. David S. Ludwig.
The greatest wealth is our health & the greatest cure is prevention. ~E.G.Plott~
4) I Believe This Has Already Been Answered.
5) I am still at ground-level from where I want to be, but I have plenty of time to get where I will be. Success Is A Journey And Not A Destination - E.G.Plott~. I have already grown a lot in just three years as the CEO/OWNER of PlottPalmTrees.Com. I am very proud of the over-night success I have independently gained; this doesn't mean I couldn't use another helping hand. I have most all the resources, but I just need to get the word out about this truly remarkable plant of our time; I am not one of these health quacks or herbal remedy witch doctors who promises a result and you never get it, but if I were I would actually be called a Medical Doctor, but I am not. People are referring me to that of a healer, I am no healer, but what is in my hands does HEAL and it has real results. Real Health Results That You Can See. What I would need is more marketing and expansion. The money in general to buy more production to show off at places like adopt-a-spot or downtown Columbia, maybe the football stadiums, etc.
I am a Sole Proprietor, Entrepreneur, and Small business Owner; I plan on staying that way. I want to build the Tropical Missouri of my dream, where you can just drive in my Ranch and pick up 20 foot Plus Palm Trees for a sway of relaxation in your Missourian Indoor space, business, living room, or your outdoor fertile imagination. I Would want to then hand over a Moringa Health Product for the bettering of your survival, and Finally hand you a nice pure glass of Fluoride Free Water from our filtered water system at The Tropical Missouri Ranch on WW. You Can Only Drink Poisonous Water For So Long.
6) I seek investors, but I rather call them my Customers and my friends; They support me, they are investing in PlottPalmTrees.Com. 
Help Me, Help You, Make A Dream Come True; We Are IN This Together. The return is always good, because PLANT A PALM AND YOU CAN'T GROW WRONG AT PLOTTPALMTREES.COM. You Will Find That If You Look On Our Website, We Also Sell Bonsais, yuccas, banana Plants, pecan trees, Kiwi plants, apple trees, Fig trees, Pomegranates, Cactus, bamboo, and of course Palm Trees! ALL OF THESE LIVE IN MISSOURI, year-round outdoors, guaranteed! (unless Said Otherwise) And It Is SO EASY To Maintain These Particular Species Of Sub-Tropicals, That Even A CHILD Could Do It!
We have the market, but even more-so we own it; no debts here. 
We Aren't Necessarily About Being The BIGGEST Business IN The World, But Rather THE BEST Business For The World. ~E.G.Plott~
7) If I Win this prize of 2000 bucks, I promise I Will turn around and donate 2000 dollars worth of palm trees to Trulaske 
University and Missouri University as well. Palm Trees, Banana Plants, Yuccas, And The Whole Variation. Check Out My "Lines In The Sand Video - PLOTTPALMTREES.COM" (Youtube Search That), you Can See Were I Made A Tropical Beach Oasis In Missouri. You Won't Believe Your Eyes,.. Yes, I Do Landscaping AS If It Were An Art; Like It Should Be. 
"I Can't Bring You the Ocean, But I Can Bring A Tree…A Plott Palm Tree"
8) I Think I Practically Shared Everything That I Am About. I Mean I Have More In-depth Details, But If You Are Intrigued The Least Bit, Let Me Leave You With Some Links, That Will Prove That EVERYTHING I SAID HERE IN THIS LETTER IS 1000% TRUTH And I Would LOVE For Some Scientist, Doctor, Or Authority To Take Me On And Disprove Me, Because It Isn't Going To Happen. I Have A Plethora Of Videos I Have Made For You, To Better Get To Know Me. If You Have Any Questions Personally For Me About The Moringa Or How You To Can Enjoy The Best Of Both Worlds With RICH AND FERTILE Imaginations, Future, And Investment; Get With Me By Dropping Me An Email At I Am Still Attending Harvard. I Just Squeezed A Little Bit Of My Fast Paced Life, To Fill This Form Out And Get It Back To You. Just Before My Computer Science Exam. Geez, Enough About Me, Tell More About Yourself Will You? 
The Hardest Things To See Are Right In Front Of Your Eyes - Van Goethe.
~Eric Geoffrey Plott~
Owner CEO of PlottPalmTrees.Com
Harvard Medical Researcher/Detective
Member Of The International Palm Tree Society- Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society- 3.8 GPA - Repower America. - Cured 4 Cancer Victims- Many More Diabetics On Record With One Plant Alone. Also Cured Two young Children Of severe Blistering Incurable Skin Disease- With Picture Proof & Case Study. 
* My Resume Is Online
We Are Connecting With The Internet Sensation Where Palm Trees Grow In Missouri And Real Health Results Can Be Found With the Moringa Tree Of Miracles..Where You Can't Grow Wrong...At PlottPalmTrees.Com
PlottPalmTrees.Com - 
Eric Geoffrey Plott
Success Is A Journey And It Is NOT The Destination ~E.G.Plott~
Boys Make Excuses And Men Make Change ~E.G.Plott~
We Aren't Necessarily About Being The BIGGEST Business In The World, BUT The BEST Business FOR THE WORLD.
We Are Connecting With The Internet Sensation Where Palm Trees Grow In Missouri And Real Health Results Can Be Found With the Moringa Tree Of Miracles..Where You Can't Grow Wrong...At PlottPalmTrees.Com
PlottPalmTrees.Com -

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