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How A Robbery Gave Me A Miracle – My Moringa Story



How A Robbery Gave Me A Miracle –

My Moringa Story


(In Jamaica as well as in many countries, “Bush” is commonly referred to as medicine.  Natural healers and Bush doctors are still sought out to provide the general population with what the countrymen believe can cure most common ailments.)

March 2010, I was heading to Kingston to present a sustainable project I had initiated in Treasure beach Jamaica, to the Prime Minister’s son. On my journey there, my aunt and I were robbed.  I was at a cross-road in every arena in my life. My long-term relationship had just ended and a few months later I uprooted myself to the country of my ancestors in hopes to learn more about my purpose in life.  I was spiritually fragile and was a complete flake to people who had believed in me. I didn’t even believe in myself.  Looking back now at that day, I know that some divine power was granting me a pretty miracle.  Little did I know, that would be where my journey began with Moringa.  A few days after the event, I met Big Paul.  Paul my cousin, a 64-year-old serial entrepreneur who had a thing for healing plants, lovingly opened his arms and spirit to me.  I remember sitting in his kitchen filled with herbal elixirs, the smell of fresh-cut vegetables, sound of buzzing fruit flies and being completely mesmerized by his white mohawk with an extension of one dread lock that trailed down to the middle of his back.  No doubt he was Rocking!  He ended every greeting with saying, “God is Love.”

I felt a feeling of intrigue and comfort knowing this radical elder was incredibly conscious and spoke directly to my heart with his spiritual understanding of life.  Paul shared the history of my family and especially touched on my father’s god mother (a bush woman from Kingston).  He spoke about how she was a powerful woman and with great respect, believed that my interest in bush medicine may have been ignited from her influence on my father.

My aunt who had introduced me to Paul, was complaining of anemia and calcium deficiency and was curious to know if he had any bush that could help her naturally.  Paul immediately pulled out an old tin canister with a hand written label marked Moringa.  He placed it in front of her and said, take this.  He briefly went over the benefits with my aunt  as I sat there completely admired by his wisdom and the novelty of this almost glowing green power.  Paul continued raving about how he took Moringa as a daily ritual, vitamin supplement.  At 64, Moringa gave him the energy of a 20-year-old.  He was also impressed to see how his 14-year-old dog had increased energy and appetite for food just from drinking the tea, something he was using to supplement her battling with chronic cancer.  Obviously his enthusiasm was striking, I being the Medical minded nurse was partially convinced and wanted to try the plant myself to see if I had any noted benefit.

A day later, Paul offered to take me back to Treasure Beach.  At about 1/2 way there he stopped the car, pulled out his machete and asked me to help him load his trunk.  There in front of us was this beautiful massive Moringa Tree.  Paul whacked off a heap full of branches laden with leaves, stuffed them into the trunk and we were back on route to the village.

When we arrived I introduced him to my best friend (now fiance) Orville a local farmer in the area. The two with a passion for plants and spirituality shared a common ground that soon transformed this young farmer’s life.  In just one year Great Bay had over 200 Miracle trees and the majority of the community began to use it as a nutritional supplement in their lives.   This inspired me to share Moringa with Miami, my birth town.  Since 2010 IRiE FARM has been growing miracles and seeding awareness of self-reliance.  













My journey with Moringa

It was my mission after watching the discovery channel, reading beaucoup articles and books of it’s benefits, comparing other online business models to share what Moringa was doing for me in my life.  After meeting Paul, I as well as a handful of family and community members of Treasure Beach, Jamaica began to consume the leaves of the tree with every meal.  It was noted that with regular consumption of 1 tsp a day for up to 1 month of eating fresh Moringa leaves and then powder that I began to notice a change in my energy levels.  Naturally I’m a highly energetic woman.  I’m super involved with yoga and healthy dietary choices.  Moringa became a supplement to my mostly vegetarian life.  The energy I felt could be described as a euphoric feeling, a natural high, overall clarity.  I could continue with my day with no heavy hang over or the lows normally accompanied with caffeine.  I felt balanced.

It’s important to note that if there is a cure-all supplement in the world,  take it with a healthy mind and balanced spirit.  All of the natural herbs and medicinal plants have curative effects.  Treat Moringa like any other supplement, use with discretion and do your research first, seek your Naturopathic Medicine Doctor to help guide you based on your own nutritional needs what dosage you should take.  You must know your body.  That’s true self-reliance!
Interested in Moringa? You can learn more about the benefits hereM.O.R.E coming soon!


Moringa Tree in Pot


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