What Did God Instruct You To Build?


This was a question that was posed in an online forum for Kingdom entrepreneurs.  

I felt challenged be the question and was prompted to answer.  I wrote:

“Back in 2009, while I was following God in a path of ministry, He dropped something in my lap, which I saw mainly as a ministry to help alleviate poverty, malnutrition and disease in developing countries.  I was not alone, because He had involved others in the same thing.  It was confirmed to me from different prayer partners that this was the course I needed to follow.

“As I saw this as just ministry, I looked elsewhere for business and making money, as did the others involved with this mission… like tentmaking.  We’ve all danced around with many ideas, but nothing has really succeeded.  Friends would suggest new “you-beaut” opportunities, and I’d follow them down those paths, but only to come to a dead-end.

“But in recent days, the Lord has been showing me that He has brought this team together for just one purpose – that FIRST mission.  The Lord did not design this team for any other purpose.  And when we were not involved with this first mission and vision, we tended to go our separate ways. Though that has not been a bad thing, because we had to go apart to learn and discover new things that would benefit this mission.

“Thank the Lord, He is arranging events and circumstances to bring us together again for His purpose.  This time it is not just mission, but it is BUSINESS!!  The money we need for the mission is tied up in the mission.  God wants us to make the mission a business.  And it seems that He is opening amazing doors of opportunity.  Things we would not have dreamed of.”

Phto0209 What Did God Instruct You To Build?




As you most likely guessed, this Mission Business is all about the Moringa tree (the Miracle Tree), which holds so much potential for individuals, communities and countries.  It can not only heal the body and alleviate malnutrition, but can heal the environment, the eco-systems, and provides sustainability for developing countries.  Moringa is the second fastest growing tree on the planet next to Bamboo.  And this tree has been proven to be the most nutrient rich plant on earth.  And best of all, it grows best in the tropical climates where malnutrition is most rampart.

Every part of the plant is useful for something, not only for good health.  For instance, the oil from the seeds is being used as biofuel, and seeing Moringa is fast growing, it is a very sustainable and valuable crop.  The the seed husks that are left over are being used to purify water.

It says in the Bible that God provides for the poor and needy, and look what He has planted in their midst.  But for years we have not known or seen it.  And all this has been available free of cost.  We in the west have spent billions of dollars on feeding programs.  If only we’d known this earlier!  And this very thing that God has planted under their noses, not only will heal them and feed them, but is can also prosper them.

Anyhow, enough of my preaching… as you can tell, my excitement for moringa has been renewed.

~E.G.Plott~ Owner/CEO Of PlottPalmTrees.Com









I Just Would Love To Be Able To Use My Moringa To END POVERTY AND WORLD HUNGRY
It Is The One Single Plant That Could Do Both Of Those Things
And Alleviate Disease And Purify Impurities In Water World Wide
As Well Be A Efficient Means Of Bio-Fuel AND END THE FREAKING WARS!
Even Set Aside From Malnutrition, Which Moringa Eradicates.
It Is An Anti-Fungal
-So It Reverses Cancer Cells
It Can Be Used As A

Block Radiation From A Cellular Level
You Can Survive Off Of It
And Even Plant A Garden And Ward Off Unwanted PEST, ANIMALS-

At The Same Time, It Is A PERFECT PH Nitrogenous Fertilizer...

Therefore You Can water Your Crops With It And WARD OFF ALL THOSE PEST MENTIONED...

Meaning It Could Positively And Potentially END MONSANTO

 Eric Plott
It Truly Is The Miracle Plant To Heal All Nations Mentioned In Revelations. 

EarthManEric's MORINGA SUPER FOOD YOU CAN LIVE OFF OF Survival T album on Photobucket
Every part of moringa (also known as moringa oleifera),
including the leaves, the seeds the flowers and roots
can be consumed and are very useful in treating many
diseases like lung diseases, hypertension,
chest infections, everyday aches and
pains as well as skin infections.
and many more
The World Health Organization (WHO) has undertaken
scientific researches on the moringa plant, and has
come to the conclusion that it is extremely nutritional
and medicinal. The benefits have also been documented
in some medical and nutritional journals as well.
Moringa Oleifera is among the popular power greens
such as wheat grass, chlorella and spirulina.
Moringa is rich in minerals like potassium, iron, calcium,
and sulfur. It has B vitamins and 10 amino acids.
Its nutritional profile is competitive with any
beneficial plant on the planet. 


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