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The Happiness Level Of Every Part Of The World In One Incredible Infographic (IMAGE) -Luxx von Kaploutzmeyer

The Happiness Level Of Every Part Of The World In One Incredible Infographic (IMAGE)

AUTHOR: Luxx von Kaploutzmeyer DECEMBER 6, 2014 7:13 PM

Upon major research I had found that culturally that masses of people (specific ethnic groups) would travel and cultivate on foot or camel, etc to new land looking for the most pure ph rich and mineral high soil they could find. So, plots of land was crucially utmost important and with that said today's major wars are also predominately among us most likely due to RESOURCES OR SOIL. In all cases it isn't because the people are vigilante rebels or criminal terrorist, however we like to go to war for some heroic patriotic reasoning, the truth reaches as far through history as it does throughout the entire globe. We go to war for much more than that, it is living conditions instead, until people realize this, they will continue fighting for HAPPINESS, in which can only be obtained in a smaller community based ethnic of respecting God's beautiful nature and environment, when you fail to appreciate this landmass of nature, you become sterile to it, and lose sight of the truth which will ultimately make you feel good. That state of good mind and consciousness, don't have a guilty conscious of building your empire on murder and desolation. 

So, when I did an extensive research on soil conditions I was shocked to find that b12 levels in the soil in CONGO was over 50% and in America it was about 1 %, which means our soil cannot effectively uphold minerals and vitamins/nutrients as well as say Peru, Costa Ricto, Belize or Congo for that matter.




Could the actual soil conditions, water, and air actually play a huge role in the Homeostasis of the human race? Making us feel good and happy, thus making us happy. See how I just connected Agriculture to biology and physiology; which in term reaches optimum health. I Found that you could even be "Healthy minded" through good dieting, but what if you had poor WATER, AIR,. AND SOIL CONDITIONS? Well, Epidemiological studies showed those three categories were of utmost importance when determining good health and optimum wellness. So much so that you could be severely sick just based on those main properties of essential life around us. WATER. SOIL. AIR!

With that said has greed consumed us? We are number one, but not in health care, happiness, WATER, SOIL, OR AIR, but rather in Rape, Murder, crime, Surgeries, and read the rest below...




So does this prove in science that happiness cannot be purchased ?

Why is it that Poorer countries were much happier than the country that consumes over 60% of the drugs made today?






The Happy Planet Index is quickly becoming one of the world’s go-to indexes when it comes to measuring the stability and performance of the Earth’s nation states. Eschewing the antiquated notion that measuring a nation’s GDP is the best indicator of their overall well being, the HPI calculates direct feedback from a nation’s population, along with the ecological footprint the nation has and their average life expectancy. The HPI is unique in that it takes the overall environmental sustainability of a nation into account.

The creator of the HPI said in a press release,

“The Happy Planet Index measures what really matters – long and happy lives now and the potential for good lives in the future. For too long we have relied on incomplete measures of progress that focus only on economic activity, such as GDP.”

So where do the world’s nations rank on the Happy Planet Index? Costa Rica ranks number one with an overall HPI score of 64.1. The least happy country in 2014 was Botswana. Despite having a low ecological footprint, the devastatingly low life expectancy of 53.2 years and very negative feedback from those who live there result in the country only receiving a 22.6 HPI score.

With a HPI score of 37.3, The United States of America comes in 105th place, due to a blood red colored ecological footprint score of 7.2 (the higher the score, the worse a country’s performance). Looks like the United States has some catching up to do with Costa Rica.

An interesting map from  PLOTTPALMTREES.COM  reveals how happy people are around the world.

Happines Index Around the World





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