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''But meat (or eggs, dairy, honey, etc.) tastes so good...''


Chocolate, Cheese, Meat, And Sugar; Physical Addiction? PLOTT






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''But meat (or eggs, dairy, honey, etc.) tastes so good...''

               Nope, it doesn't. People often think that they like the taste of meat, but what they actually like are the spices, salt, oils used for cooking meat, and over-processing, which are basically disguising the real taste of meat. Needless to say, processed meat is also loaded with ammonia and lots of artificial colorants and flavors. If humans try to eat meat raw, as it really is, they can't. True carnivores, on the other hand, LOVE the taste of raw meat. True carnivores' taste buds respond pleasurably to amino acids, while humans' taste buds respond pleasurably to sweet tasting carbohydrates. 



 EarthManEric's VEGANISM The Life Of The Future PLOTTPALMTREESCOM album on Photobucket    
                   If people stopped eating meat for a while, their senses would come back to normal and they would realize how awful it tastes, smells and looks, even after cooking it and adding all those spices. Same thing with eggs and dairy - they require cooking and spices, salt or sugar in order to have an acceptable taste to humans, which is another proof that humans were simply not designed to eat animal products. Cooked mushrooms,in combination with certain spices, can give a similar taste to what people think is ''the taste of meat'', without all the unnecessary cruelty caused by meat production, and without all the grease, cholesterol, saturated and tans fats, bacteria and parasites, and bad acids found in meat.
MEAT IS ADDICTIVE! One of the reasons why people might find it so hard to give up meat is because meat contains hypoxanthine, inosinic acid and guanylic acid (similar to caffeine), which are addictive.



According to George D Pamplona-Roger, M.D. in his book "Foods
That Heal" -
''The stimulant hypoxanthine, not any special properties of its protein, vitamins, or minerals is responsible for the satisfying and stimulating effects of meat. It is similar in chemical formula and effect as caffeine.
It has been known since antiquity that those who regularly eat meat experience some degree of enervation when they are deprived of this food for some time. This sensation that "something is missing" always results from abruptly removing meat from the diet, even when it is replaced with plant foods and dietary supplements providing as much or even more protein and nutrients as meat.
He goes on to say, that the enervation that some persons experience when they stop eating meat products is not due to a lack of its protein or other nutrients that some consider irreplaceable. It is due to a type of stimulant found in meat. Today it's known that the muscle cells of meat contain Hypoxanthine, which increases in concentration as the meat ages.
Hypoxanthine and other similar substances, such as inosinic acid and guanylic acid, are present in meat. They have a chemical structure similar to that of caffeine in coffee or the theobromine in cocoa, with similar effects. They are central nervous system stimulants. They are addictive.
Hypoxanthine explains the stimulating effect of meat and it's capacity to create a certain level of addiction, which manifests itself when meat is given up abruptly. Because of this, it is recommended that those wishing to replace meat with plant-based foods follow a transition diet to help avoid the effect of sudden deprivation.''
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So what does everyone think about McDonald's new message on their table menu's about Cancer Causing chemicals in their food. Share with your friends and let's get some discussion going 
EarthManEric's VEGANISM The Life Of The Future PLOTTPALMTREESCOM album on Photobucket



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