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Living with MTHFR - you Think You Have It BAD?…Read This…Moringa Is In This Mans Treatment For Quite Possibly The WORST Disorder I Have Ever Studied…Genetic Disorder ~E.G.Plott~



Living with MTHFR - you Think You Have It BAD?…Read This…Moringa Is In This Mans Treatment For Quite Possibly The WORST Disorder I Have Ever Studied…Genetic Disorder ~E.G.Plott~
-Read With Caution
03/26/201210 Comments

In this day and age, living with MTHFR can be rather difficult. All the environmental toxins we are exposed to in everyday cleaning supplies, toiletry items, food and pharmaceuticals makes it hard to live with an MTHFR gene mutation but it can be done. 
Here is how I live my life from the time I wake up until the time I go to bed. 

First thing in the morning when I wake up at 6:00am, I grab a glass of alkaline 9.5 PH fluoride free water and take my vitamins. I take P5P B6 40mg, TMG 1000mg, folate 2.4mg B9, riboflavin phosphorus 100 mg B2 and 1 sublingual methylcobalamin 5mg B12. I also take BH4 tetrahydrobiopterin. 
I take all of the b vitamins in their active forms because people with MTHFR have trouble converting synthetic b vitamins into the active forms. And it is best to avoid foods fortified with synthetic b vitamins. I describe it like this: It is like plumbing, if you keep putting grease in your pipes, they eventually clog and stop working. This is what happens to someone with MTHFR and synthetic b vitamins. I call it a methylation trap. 
The reason I do alkaline water is because my PH was a 5 which is not good at all. I like to stay balanced between a 6.5 and 8. I have been told that your thyroid will not function properly if you are not in this optimal range. I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis. I take the active b vitamins to start the methylation process. Many people with MTHFR have hypomethylation. This helps to lower my homocysteine levels by breaking down the homocysteine into methionine synthase which is essential for life. I take the TMG to also help convert the active b's. Without TMG I get tachycardia, panic attacks and high blood pressure. So the active b vitamins alone cannot complete the conversion for me. I need a TMG boost as well. The BH4 is good for anyone with MTHFR A1298C, lead, aluminum and the CBS mutation. I have all of these. BH4 helps to break down ammonia in the body which I have trouble doing. 

It is also essential in amino acids such as phenylalanine. The end result of this is norepinepherine, seratonin and dopamine. We need these to stay healthy and alive. 

At 6:30 am, I grab a healthy high protein glutathione boosting folate enriched breakfast. Yesterday morning it was a bowl of quinoa with a tablespoon of raw organic local honey and organic blueberries. 

At 7:00 am, I do a foot soak with magnesium chloride for 10-20 minutes to draw toxins out of my body because with MTHFR and low glutathione, I have trouble doing this on my own. 

At 7:30 am, I take a shower with a filter to avoid the toxins in the water supply. My shampoo, soap and conditioner must be gluten free and organic. To moisterize, I use unrefined organic coconut oil. Remember what goes on your skin goes in your bloodstream. I make sure my deoderant is aluminum free and organic. Parabens and aluminum have been found in people with breast cancer and since people with MTHFR have difficulties dumping toxins, it is best to avoid toxic metals and chemicals in every day deoderant. My toothpaste is fluoride free as well. Fluoride destroys the thyroid and good gut flora of people with MTHFR. 

At 8:30 am I take 1000mg of buffered C. This helps to support my immune system, methylation pathway and is a natural chelator. 
I take a multi mineral supplement also to support things I am missing from my body. I make sure that it has additional molybdenum in it, selenium, magnesium and zinc. These are essential for the body. When you are doing the active b's, vitamin C and charcoal (I will get to that later), these things wash the toxins out of your body by creating glutathione. Many times they can wash the essential minerals out as well. So a multi mineral supplement is very important. 
I take 150mg of molybdenum to break down the sulfa in my body. With CBS, which I have, and SOUX, you have trouble clearing sulfa. My first indication of this was at the age of 25 when I went into anaphylactic shock from a NSAID (non steroidal anti inflamatory). Later on, it was sulfa allergies. I still cannot understand why doctors these days do not check for SOUX or CBS when someone has these reactions to aspirin and sulfa drugs. It would definitely get to the root cause and heal the patient.
I take a 15 strain probiotic with FOS and trace minerals. This helps me maintain healthy gut flora. Years ago, we were able to get trace minerals in our vegetation. Because of corporations like Monsanto destroying our soil with chemicals and GMO's we no longer can get the essential amount of trace minerals we need in the body to survive. 
I take 150mg of milk thistle. Milk thistle keeps my liver cleansed by boosting glutathione. Glutathione is needed to dump toxins from the body. People with MTHFR have low glutathione levels. 
I take 5000mg of biotin. Before taking the biotin, I had weak brittle nails and hair. My hair was falling out in clumps like someone who has had radiation or chemotherapy. 
I take NADH 20mg d-ribose 200mg for thyroid function.
I take ioderal 5mg iodine and 7.5 mg iodide for thyroid function. I make sure to avoid glutens, BPA's and fluoride which attack the thyroid in a negative way. 
I take 5000 IU of vitamin D3. This helps to support my immune system. 
I take a multivitamin with active b's in it. I would be spinning my wheels if I took a multi with synthetic b vitamins in it. Dr. Ben Lynch who owns, and http:// has a great multi and many other essential vitamins and supplements that we need. I get my Moringa from the best at PlottPalmTrees.Com 

Yesterday at 9:00 am, I had a whey protein shake. I put one cup of organic coconut milk (fights yeast and supports thyroid function to name a few), 1/2 a cup of organic raspberries (loaded with folate), organic stevia (sweet tooth) and a scoop of whey protein isolate (glutathione) in a blender. 

At 10:30 am, I take the mineral supplement, ioderal, multi vitamin, bufferd C, vitamin D3, molybdenum and moringa oleifera. 
The moringa oleifera prevents osteoperosis and supports thyroid function. 
And many other diseases, it could be what is keeping me alive, again I get from Eric the Doctor Plott from his site here: http://

At 11:00 am yesterday I threw many organic veggies in a blender. Kale, celery, garlic, oregano, tomato, onion carrot, organic curry powder with alkaline 9.5 PH fluoride free water. By the time I drink my green smoothie, I am full of positive useful energy. 

At 11:30 am on days I am not doing intense housework, I walk for 30 minutes and come back inside and do 30 additional minutes of cardio. 

At 1:00 pm, I take 800mcg of folate and 1000mcg of sublingual hydroxycobalamin for MTHFR support. 

At 2:00 pm yesterday, I took a slice of gluten free bread, toasted it and spread organic peanut butter on it. 

At 5:00 pm yesterday, I ate 2 eggs (organic brown free range local farm eggs) cooked in coconut oil and had an organic banana. 

At 6:00 pm, I take the buffered C, vitamin D3, mineral supplement, multi vitamin and molybdenum again.

At 8:00pm I take coumadin because of lead toxicity in my body. I have had 13 pulmonary embolisms. MTHFR causes hypomethylation. You have trouble clearing toxins from the body. I have eight times the amount of lead in my body which was found by doing a heavy metal urine toxin challenge with DMSA and IV EDTA. I am hoping once the lead is out of me, that I will be able to come off of the coumadin and go on nattokinase. I would love to do this right now but I cannot afford the IV EDTA and cannot find a doctor on my insurance that will monitor me while taking nattokinase which unlike coumadin, is natural fermented soy that breaks up fibrin in the blood and prevents clotting and is a much more healthier alternative. I might add that I also have mercury, aluminum, gandolineum and cadmium toxicity as well. 

At 8:30 pm, I do a 30 minute meditation. 

At. 10:00 pm, I take 520 mg of activated charcoal powder to help draw the toxins to my gut where I can pass them through my body. 

In between all of this, I make sure to avoid glutens, foods fortified with synthetic b vitamins, foods from cans, BPA's, processed foods, chemicals and other toxins. I make sure to have plenty of 9.5 PH water throughout the day and drink organic white tea with organic stevia. 

I manage to run a website, do interviews, consulting and everyday things that need to be done in life with all of this. Before I was on an MTHFR protocol, I couldn't even get out of bed, I was on over 28 medications at one time and dying. I had lesions on my brain, destruction of white brain matter, MS symptoms, fibromyalgia, neuralgia, chronic fatigue, blood clots, a carotid aneurysm, a brain aneurysm, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, high blood pressure, panic disorder and tachycardia. I craved very unhealthy things prior to an MTHFR protocol. 

Before you think this is too much to do and it just seems too overwhelming, think of it this way, it is a lifestyle change. A change for a healthier you. I will tell you what is overwhelming, living unhealthy. I was on medications and had to take other medications for the side effects of the medications to treat the problem. I was not getting better and my symptoms were being hidden with all of these drugs that were actually depleting my glutathione and active B vitamins which I was already deficient of. 

So next time a doctor tells you that they do not care to test you for MTHFR or that so many people have MTHFR that it doesn't matter and is not a problem, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! I put it this way, if so many people have heart attack, stroke and cancer, should we ignore it? Many of these people who have heart attack, stroke and cancer have MTHFR. Then why should MTHFR be ignored? Get to the root cause and treat it!


jada03/26/2012 14:50
Wow! I'm on a protocol from Dr. Eric Plott
that's half of what you're doing and I can't seem to remmeber to take everything! I have to little children that I"m caring for by myself most of the time so maybe that's why lol! I need to really focus. How do you know If you need BH4 for sure?
I have a copy of A1298C as well 1 copy C677t. I have Hashimotos as well.

Sterlinglink03/26/2012 15:28
Hey Jada,
I made it really easy for myself. I have a one month rule. At the beginning of every month, I add something good into my life and remove something bad. That way it is not so overwhelming. And if I add a supplement that is not benefiting me or giving me negative side effects, I know which one to remove because I only add one thing a month. This is how I realized I cannot take MSM and oral glutathione. BTW, we have the same mutation. Compound heterozygous.

jada03/27/2012 04:28
Good idea! I've been feeling overwhlemed with my protocol. How did you test for your other mutations? Thanks for all the work you do and your posts!

jada03/27/2012 04:30
Oh do you know if BH4 is safe while nursing? I'm considering adding that in once I get consistent with my other sups.

Sterlinglink03/27/2012 04:51
Dr. Neil Rawlins in Richland, WA is an OB/GYN with MTHFR. If I was pregnant with MTHFR I would want to ask him. Problem is, he cannot do phone consults. I am sure that Dr. Ben would know something. Dr. Amy Yasko and Dr. Ben Lynch both have methylation profile tests on their websites. I got a few things tested from a local geneticist and it was like pulling teeth to get it done.
Dandelionmama05/08/2012 12:22
Your story is quite amazing. Are you still ill at all? How long did it take to start seeing positives in your health? I have been sick 5 years (lyme, mold, and whatever else is mixed in there) and I have tried EVERY treatment, natural, alternative, western.. you name it, I have done it. I have been on methylation sups for about six months and have not seen that much progress. I am compound heterozygous.

Sterlinglink05/09/2012 17:30
Yes I am still ill but getting better every day. Have you done a methylation profile? I have found that I have CBS. CBS has to be tackled before MTHFR. When someone has problems with MTHFR, there is usually more than MTHFR going on. And you have to tackle every problem in a certain order. Example: Until I got my sulfur pathway cleared, I couldn't take TMG, NAC, MSM and milk thistle because of them containing sulfur. I had to go extremely low sulfur for 2 months and then I added the supplements back only after going on molybdenum that helps break down sulfur in the body. Before, I was not seeing any results. And then some people cannot handle high doses of folate because of glutamate issues so they have to have low doses. I always tell people what works for me may not work for you. Genetics makes us all different.

Katrin08/16/2012 22:44
You are quite an inspiration and a great resource. Thanks for going a description of your day and your methods for adding new items only once a month. Still relatively new at all this. Finding great help on this site of yours. Feeling much less alone. Kids and hubby have MTHFR, I do not. Hubby is VERY ill with neuro symptoms. Dr. Ben has been a great resource. You have convinced me to keep digging to see if other SNP's are at play in our medical dilemma. Thank you. So sorry to hear of your mother's passing. It was heart-wrenching to read about. Prayers for comfort and peace.

Sterlinglink08/16/2012 23:43
Thanks. I have changed my protocol up quite a bit. If you do Yasko's methylation profile she will have all of the snps detailed for you. If you choose the 23andme route, I will be more than happy to help you out.

Cindi12/15/2012 20:57
Hello, our 16mth old was just diagnosed with homocytenuria and mthfr mutation. She's been suffering since 7mths old, when she couldnt eat on her own anymore and has just devellopped seizures while being treated for pneumonia..she also has very low muscle tome, scoliosis and developmental delay. We dont even know where to start..the docs are putting lipids and other things through IV and tube feeding her her formula on a continuous feed..shes on anti seizure meds, refux meds, b12 shot and betaine so far..theyre drawing blood everyday to check her homocysteine levels at the end of the week to see if shes taking to the treatments. Her levels are 115..anyone who has any suggestions are similar experiences, please email me
.com thank you 


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