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Losing Weight Nature's Way EBOOK (Downloadable Upon Purchase)


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  • ∆ The Thought And Topic Of The Day ∆
    -Let Me, Let You In On A Little BIG SECRET...about Weight Loss...
    •On the topic of weight loss, since I know, being I was very overweight. I found OF COURSE, the diet played a huge role in my advancement to losing weight. I do however have some really good produce whole foods that will help you get there faster and possibly without changing your diet and having to always workout. Though of course, I am going to tell you working out, jogging, and changing your diet more towards the WHOLE FOOD PLANT BASED direction, would be for the best for your body....HOWEVER...

    † I have UPTIME- Energy supplements and drinks, THAT ARE MY FAVORITE When It comes to fast energy that will help you get the energy boost you need to get into gear and get active, that would be this link to learn a bit more about how that can really work:

    I then have the very famous, MORINGA POWDER produce, which I know you have seen me post many pictures and videos on. What I find with this Moringa and weight loss, is direct weight loss success, for those who consistently take it for at least 3-6 Months to see some improvements, and after a years time, most people do not even want to get off of the moringa, because when they try the REAL Moringa, they don't know how to live without it. GO FIGURE< This Is due to the fact that your body's main function comes directly from NUTRIENTS AND MINERALS (Essential Fatty Acids), ETC. Which we are COMPLETELY lacking in this heavily processed and chemically sprayed world of food. So, like plants, if we give our body's "SOIL" Or Stomach what it needs, the entire rest of the body can begin working again, much like a MACHINE, when you fuel it with the right GAS and then LUBE The gears so they don't start grinding up. This is the same exact analogy when it comes to how your body's metabolism and energy exchange from good source nutrition is like. People who are lacking these things will often run to and rely ON THE WRONG fuel, things such as CAFFEINE, SUGAR, DAIRY, MEAT, OR DRUGS AND ALCOHOL, in order to cope with the loss or lacking of the Nutrition in their body. So, Like actually they become MALNOURISHED in a sense. They might not be underweight and starving like we would think when we hear that word, but instead we gain weight and the same problem occurs like when you see the starving children, their body cannot function just as an overweight individuals body cannot either...HOWEVER! There is great news, by taking the moringa alone, long enough would start to churn the gears again, like when a train starts to move, it starts very slow and gradual, but as the train begins to make way, it picks up the speed, and begins rolling on track; eventually it begins moving forward and can get to the destination it needed to go. This is a great example on how the metabolism works, it just needs the right live enzymes that are bioavailable from a good source that isn't destroyed, that becomes the main problem with COMMERCIALIZED supplementation, which has overabundance amounts of chemicals absorbed right into the food, juice, or health supplement itself, such as: Pesticides (Ethylene- and that is ORGANIC regulations!), preservatives, food additives, colorings, and heated blanching to keep the live enzymes into become a fungus, and this explains how the "FOOD HEALTH SUPPLEMENT" can sit up on a shelf without deteriorating or molding, it is DEAD In other words. I found this out the hard way, after wasting a lot more money than I had to and I GOT NOTHING OUT OF IT! That made me quite made, but not as upset as this NEW chemical additive found in all the food, juices, and health supplements today, this is the new little fella that is making word in the health word, ALL THE FOOD SUPPLY HAS BECOME CONTAMINATED WITH "
    Deadly Chloramphenicol Laces Nutritional Supplements and More"

    Sorry don't mean to scare you, but that little subject didn't manage to make its way to the mainstream public...So yeah anyways, I didn't want to take up all your day, I just thought I would explain the main reason why our moringa and health products on my site are becoming such a "CRAZE" in the nutrition world, already. The main reason, is I had become educated earler, from making so many darn mistakes and wasting A LOT Of money, but saw NO HEALTH advantage or results; a simple way to sum it up is this, "UNLESS A food source comes directly from the real all natural source found in nature, untampered by the hands of man and manufacturing, you might as well be eating FLAVORED TOILET PAPER, there is no nutrition! at all, you are literally just filling your stomach and not the with the things you should, which is your little cells; if you were indeed feeding your cells with something that carried all the nutritional needs your body asked for, well then you would be healthy and actually you WOULD EAT MUCH LESS AND CRAVE MORE HEALTHY FOODS INSTEAD OF JUNKY FOODS.YOU ARE THE DNA Which You Consume. 
    Now, I am not saying you have to quit all the food you love overnight either, what I am suggesting is that you simply add a GOOD AND RELIABLE Source of nutrition that will fuel your cells so they can carry out and do what your body was made to do, which is WORK! 
    AND FUNCTION! So, again there is good news, When I Discovered the moringa, I found this plant had 90 nutrients, 47 antioxidants, and 37 anti inflammatories; actually making it not only the MOST NUTRITIONAL TREE AND HIGHEST ANTIOXIDANT Plant found in nature & in recorded history, but also this was something that offered absolutely EVERY SINGLE THING YOUR BODY NEEDED, even things that are extremely difficult to obtain in this DESERTED NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENT WESTERN WORLD (Standard American Diet),

    Moringa was a perfect nutritional supplement WHOLE FOOD Plant that didn't lack anywhere when it came to getting OVER THE RECOMMENDED Amounts of 60 MINERALS (Which Is All Stored up And A GOOD THING),
    the b12 (which is very difficult to find, whether you are a meat lover or a vegan, we are lacking this vitamin in the soil & hence animals too, moringa carries high amounts of b12, when found a fresh organic source, such as us), it had all the ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS found in fish such as Omega 3,6,9 and the list goes on of course, it has all the vit. A, E, D, C, K ETC that your body needs, Moringa is very high in protein, in fact no plant has a higher amount of protein than the moringa, it is 30% protein which is twice as much protein found from SOY OR HEMP, It also was 4 times more chlorophyll than wheatgrass, so it offered extra goodies that were found primarily in super foods before; now Moringa had become the NUMBER ONE SUPERFOOD Known to man. So with that said, this was only just a tidbit of the food power capability found in moringa, I am not even touching the tip of the iceberg at all.

    I just want to make it clear that moringa has absolutely everything you need, you can actually literally live off of this one plant alone, and probably thrive to be stronger, healthier, and more fit than your average human being, if that was your goal, but this is a real true blessing and miracle for those who are lacking and needing something to fulfill their body's immune functioning and brain activation. Remember, I am inciting and suggesting that FOOD is the answer and not DRUGS, this is a WHOLE FOOD and the father of modern medicine, Hippocrates, said it best when he stated, "LET THY FOOD BE THY MEDICINE" and if that is so, well then Moringa, being this ultimate SUPER FOOD of the world, we have a perfect PREVENTATIVE Medicine without the ridiculous amount of medical care...In other words you will be saving a fortune by buying the moringa plant over getting drugs, health supplements, or medical treatments. 

    The main thing now I leave you with, our whole food comes wildcrafted AAA+++ Quality cut grade from the rich high mineral soil, so it is MORINGA RICH GRADE PURE ORGANIC, that you will not find on the shelf in the health food stores, this is why our prices are a bit higher than the stores, because we are truly offering you a different Moringa than the store bought or other online distributors. We have people come from Zija company and many others that will tell you first hand after trying out our moringa vs. the competitors, that it first taste much stronger and they notice REAL HEALTH RESULTS. All you have to do is check out some of our reviews and testimonials or videos of mine and witness first hand-the truth (these are all real people and not paid actors either),
    which we have acquired many hundreds in just the past two years! All public for viewing on our site. I wouldn't go to such great lengths, if I didn't believe my produce was more superior than the rest, today I know it is:
    Here Is My New Brochure maybe something will catch your eye or even change your life, Who knows...The power is now in your hands, please act with wisdom:
    LETS SEE WHAT HAPPENS:©-2014-E-G-Plott

    PS: Taking ANY Of our products will help tremendously, but the powder in caps is probable the most effective, unless you can manage to take the STRONG spinach-tasting moringa powder in juices or drinks. We Have Moringa Extract Droppers As Well... 
    Taking moringa with uptime drinks will ensure both nutrition and HIGHER LEVELS Of energy ( UPTIME ENERGY: So they go hand and hand, I also recommend if you want a real MENTAL BOOST to check out the amazing PREVAGEN, Which stands for "PREVENT-AGING", It Is For Building back the lost brains cells in the body, it comes from the JELLYFISH, and is still VEGAN-FRIENDLY ( Please let me know if you have any questions, I feel your best days are ahead. 

    Oh yeah, and if you are looking for a more water soluable moringa powder for your favorite juices or drinks then we have a FINER GRAINED option moringa called MORINGA ULTIMATE: - Please ask about our different moringa blends such as: 100% LEAF EXTRACT, COMPLEX BLEND MORINGA, And moringaSOP Blends As Well...ALL ORGANIC, ALL REAL NATURAL, AND WILD-CRAFTED To The HIGHEST ORAC VALUE AND RICHEST NUTRITIONAL BIOAVAILABILITY GRADE AAA+++ Quality Cut. The Only Pure Grade On The Market Of America. Because We Are Your Home Grown, Organically Grow Farmer Gardeners. Can't Beat Straight From The GROUND

    Thank You For Listening To Me, I Hope I Made Some Sense Today. With Love
    Organically Yours,

    Eric Plott

    †∆Integrated Therapies†∆
    for Whole Body Health Ơ
    Moringa Is The Most Nutritional And Antioxidant Plant Known To Man; Nothing In The Plant Or Animal Kingdom Even Come Remotely Close To The Nutritional Content Of This One Plants Leaves.
    Soursop Is A Plant That Is 10,000 Times More Powerful At Killing Cancer Cells 
    When Compared To Traditional Chemo-Radiation Therapy.
    Moringa King™ Products Is The First And One Of A Kind Complex Of Herbs Called "MoringaSOP". The Naturopathy Is Called The PERFECTIONAL PRACTICE. Welcome To The Moringa

    We Follow the Six Principles of Naturopathy
    ∆First Do No Harm
    Support the healing systems inherent in the body and mind by using methods, medicines and techniques that are in harmony with natural processes.

    ∆The Healing Power of Nature
    Preference for noninvasive treatments which minimize the risks of harmful side effects. Trust in the bodys inherent wisdom to heal itself.
    Identify the Causes

    ∆Every illness has an underlying cause, often in aspects of the lifestyle, diet or habits of the individual. Naturopathic Physicians are trained to find and remove the underlying cause of a disease.

    ∆Treat the Whole Person
    View the body as an integrated whole in all its physical and spiritual dimensions.

    ∆Doctor as Teacher
    Educate patients in achieving and maintaining health.

    Focus on overall health, wellness and disease prevention

    "Caroline, Just Want To Make Sure To Clear Up, Eric's Main Focus Is Too Help And Educate People, And Not As Much To SELL something....He Even Tells People To Grow Their Own Moringa (He Has The Seeds For Sell) And Other Medical Herbs. I Know It can Come Off Wrong...But He Is Trying To reach A Large World With the Message Of Health And Healing Naturally....and He Helps Tons Of People Personally Onlin Through Messages everyday, in Addition To His Studies At Harvard! Jennifer, Can Vouch For Him Being A Real And Caring Person"
    Lena Lynch


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