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FOUND HIS LOVE...Breaking News...What Is Her Name?

June 2014 Palm Girl ROCKIN RHONDA



Viewer Coconuts Is Advised.  

Rhonda Lee Kay Is Her Name and on be May 5, 2014,

Eric Commanded this beautiful dame to take his hand and she took his heart In Agreement. This New Couple are no newbies to the truth movement and school of life, as these two highly successful business entreprenuers are delving into the UNEXPECTED Dramatic Turn of Events;  Eric & Rhonda plan to sway in on a new developmental phase of their life, as the holy spirit wind guides them through life has a FRESH BRAND NEW START...With each other.



This Ex-Military Babe might be roller skating loops around palm trees and they both might enjoy a taste of the paradise, but this time the dinner is for two, instead of solo flight; have we found the actual Plott palm tree girl for good? Some naysayers might want this to be a Mayday, but We think these trendy love birds are chirping a new meaning to the words Mayday, that looks like needs no parachuting on this excursion. 

This Relationship has been placed in the TOP-SECRET file, as people are continuously wondering what move this remarkable couple is going take next.

MORE on this will be released as further disclosure presist. The Hottest couple of the Year, yet most mysterious would have to be this steaming fortitude dynamic duo, The Eric And Rhonda Rendevous Is Set On Exclusive And This Is A Party, You Just Aren't Invited To...Sorry Folks. They Are Also The Proud Owners Ot the Moringa Kingdom Movement...Lets See What Move Is Next...Does The King Have Another Move...Or Queen??? Has Rhonda Found Her Knight And Shining Armour And Has The King Checked His mate?


They are both putting their trust in God in this relationship,

perhaps that will make all the difference in the world....



When asked what Eric Plott had planned with Rhonda, he stated,

"I Am More Ready Than Ever To take Flight With The Woman Of My Dreams, I Don't Know How To Explain The Chemistry, Other Than It Is Much Like Air And Craft, Together We Take Off And We Fly (First Love Yourself), Then After The Journey We Have A Safe Landing; Only Together We Get The Job Done, Much Like A Military Bomber Aircraft, Either You Get Out Of The Way, Or You Are Flying With Us; At This Point We Are Done With Traitors And Spies, We Much Rather Stick With Winners, This Time We Are Packing The Heat And It Seems To Be Helping My Palm Trees Grow, So That Is A Really Promising Reality As We are Heading To New Terrain, We Are Breaking All The Illusions And Disillusions ...We Are Landing In New Development And Now We Are In Stealth and anyone getting in the way will be disbarded for dishonoarable discharge. "


And Rhonda Also Agrees that she is willing by stating, "Of Course I Want To Develop This Next Phase Of My Life With You"...Compiled from Secret NSA Files We Stole From Highly Classified Folders.

This Speaks Volumes with Their Mission of Successful & Blissful Secret Serenity...

Don't You Wish You Were Them?



Eric & Rhonda songs:

(  last login Apr 5, 2014     ad #92104)
Columbia, Missouri
25 years old
Caucasian / White
other / not disclosed
Body type:
5' 9"  (175cm)
Virgo (Aug 23 - Sept 22)
Marital status:
Single (never married)
Have Kids:
Want Kids:
Some college
Income: live off the land
Relocation: Planning to
Relationship: Serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner

My description:

Well, My Name Is Eric. I Am Of JEWISH Cultural/Biological Consent. I AM NOT A Practicing Jew Nor Religious. I Do Believe Christ Was On Point. I Am A Grower Of Fruits, Veggies, And Nuts And I Am Specifically Very Sustainable And The First dude To Bring Palm Trees To Missouri.   I Do That For Fun. I Enjoy Helping People With Health, I Have High Credentials In That Area, but I Still Like To Consider Myself Very Down-to-earth. I Just like to heighten my horizon and spread out my verizon. I am not completely wireless, but almost off the grid. I am close to my family and run my own business. I love taking journeys as my life has purpose and meaning. I love people, but often find myself disappointed by what they do. I am patient and tolerant of this regardless and lately I enjoy finding peace of mind through relaxation and just eating Raw fresh veggies, nuts, and fruits that are WILDCRAFTED organic and not sprayed. I am almost "RAW VEGAN" my only down fall is eating cereals and toast with nutritional yeast on it; other than that I am practically a Raw Vegan ( Meaning I Eat Live plants that are not humanly altered in any way). I Like to consider myself more so a HEALTH CONSCIOUS VEGAN, so I call this a WHOLE FOOD VEGAN, because I Don't eat GMO, Conventional, Or Poison Foods that have been processed. I grow and sell the most nutritional tree in the world and make it my goal as a Entrepreneur to educate the world about this plant, mainly in the Western world. I love making music and composing it on the piano then the guitar (electric or acoustic) and sometimes I sing, but I don't have the best voice, I have my own voice. 

I don't consider myself PERFECT, but some consider me a perfectionist and I would say I am so imperfect, that this is the most perfect thing about me. 

I Am A Videographer Producer, Photographer, Editor, Director, And Many Other Things...Anyways, What I Wanted To Express To You Today Is That Of importance To Me...It Is The Investing In The Human Soul...What Is Gold Without Spiritual Awakening And Enlightenment? I Don't Want To Go Into some Weird Spirit Escapade Here...Not Here. I Just Wish To Have Fun Observing What I Am Now Learning- As I Completed a Really Intriguing Course At Cornell For Plant Based Nutrition, I Have Many Projects I Have Put To The Side And It Drives me Crazy When I Can't get To Them All...So In due Time, I Have Some Really Great Updates For You And Please Stay Connected With me In Some Way, I Am Literally Anyway You Can Be Found ON The Web. So Bon Voyage! And Cia My Lover! 
  ...I Am Truly A Nice Guy That Loves Learning More About Those Who Are Responsive And Receptive on A Mutual Level. A Connection I Guess...Is It There??



 I Am Primarily Looking for that one special someone that is A VEGAN that also is downto-earth and kind. I don't like stuck up or bitchy, but I don't mind that, as that can be a trait of many people; even men. I just would like a woman who accepts me and my efforts to progress from the level that I am at and meet me where I am, if I am not as far as she is. I plan on doing a lot of great things in the world, but knowing that there is a strong control over the world, I can only really help change the world from a small community base level; I would love for her to appreciate that or possibly help contribute to that, but not forcibly, just as a fun thing to compassionately help those who need it. I would like a woman who takes care of herself, being a vegan, I would say is a great indication that she is caring about her health and is the right woman to carry my child...Not saying that I only want a woman for that, but that is just a honest viewpoint,     To me I find beauty in the essence of intelligent choice making which is determined in good healthy decisions; looks then become a result to such good health advances, so I would not hold my standards of beauty upon the worlds judgement, but rather not only my own, but that of the integrity of the woman that connects with my words. In other words, she will know if she is healthy enough and if she is, than she is rightfully beautiful too me. Inside and out, beauty and intelligence can help also determine the level of spirituality she has, really as the manifestation of those two combined. 





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