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Moringa Flowers

Moringa Flowers



Moringa Oleifewra flowersThe fragrant Moringa Oleifera flowers are creamy white in color, with yellow stamens. The flowers average about one inch in diameter and they first bloom when the tree is eight months old, and after that, Moringa Oleifera blooms every year from the month of April until September. Moringa Oleifera flowers are considered a delicacy in many locales. They are often mixed into other foods, especially salads. Other regions prefer to fry the flowers in batter and eat the fried Moringa Oleifera flowers as a snack. Especially popular is Moringa Oleifera tea-the flowers sit in hot water for at least five minutes to let the distinctive flavor brew. The tea is not only well loved for the nutritional benefits-in many places, tea brewed from Moringa Oleifera flowers is considered to be a powerful medicine.

Ayurvedic medicine has long recognized the utility of the Moringa oleifera plant in treating a number of diseases. The plant itself offers significant nutritional benefits and contains proteins, amino acids and a wide range of vitamins and minerals, making it an outstanding food and supplement for vegans and vegetarians. Moringa flowers are especially prized for both medicinal and nutritional purposes and are even used in cosmetic preparations and perfumes. The cream-colored flowers with deep yellow centers are quite beautiful and fragrant and can be cut for ornamental display in homes and offices as well, providing a clean floral scent for the surrounding area.


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Traditional medicine

Moringa flowers are often brewed into a strong medicinal tea or pressed for the juice they contain. In both cases, the resulting drink is used in Ayurvedic practice to treat urinary tract infections, to manage the symptoms of the common cold and as a supplement for breast-feeding women to help increase the flow of milk and the nutritional value it provides to babies. Moringa flowers have also been used as an aid to weight loss as they contain a powerful diuretic that can reduce bloating and water retention. Additionally, moringa flowers can help to strengthen liver function and protect against tissue damage caused by prescription and nonprescription medications. The flowers of the moringa plant are considered to be useful in combating impotence, lack of sexual desire and other sexual dysfunctions.

Modern medical uses

Recent studies have shown that extracts from the moringa flower can be used to reduce inflammation and muscle spasms in laboratory rats. The diuretic effects of moringa flower extract can reduce the incidence of edema and swelling and help the body more effectively heal after an injury or illness. Additionally, moringa flowers contain powerful antibiotic agents that can help combat infection when used topically or taken internally. The chemical compounds in moringa flowers have been proven to reduce high blood pressure and to help control the blood sugar fluctuations experienced by patients with diabetes, making the extracts from these flower pharmaceutically valuable.

Nutritional value

Moringa flowers contain vital amino acids and are excellent sources of calcium and potassium, making them a valuable supplement for nursing mothers. The flowers of the moringa plant are said to taste similar to mushrooms and can be prepared in a number of ways. Moringa flower chutney is often stewed with other vegetables and served as a sauce or side dish. The fresh flowers can be battered and fried as a delicious and healthy snack food. In Bangladesh the flowers are often cooked with coconut, garlic, cumin and other spices to create a traditional springtime dish known as sojne phool. A tea brewed from the flowers is often consumed as a health tonic and an accompaniment to many Indian meals.

Cosmetics and perfumes

Moringa Oleifera flowerMoringa Oleifera flowers are also used cosmetically. The fragrant Moringa Oleifera produces perfumes and hair oils. They are also commonly displayed inside homes where the flowers act as natural "air-freshners."  Moringa Oleifera flowers serve a variety of purposes-medicinal, cosmetic and nutritional. It is no wonder the Moringa Oleifera is so highly valued across cultures. The flowers provide significant topical antioxidant benefits for the skin and hair as well as a light floral scent. Moringa flowers have also been incorporated into aromatherapy practice and are the basis for a number of perfumes and colognes.


List of Chemical in the Moringa Flower:

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