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Moringa Oil: All-Natural Hair Therapy ~E.G.Plott~

Moringa Oil: All-Natural Hair Therapy



Posted on  by Moringa Source ~E.G.Plott~ 

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All of you Moringa lovers know that we’ve explored many of the amazing health benefits of Moringa, as well as many of the skin and cosmetic applications here on our blog.  Today we’re sharing some of the fabulous benefits of Moringa oil for your hair.  And if the health and beauty uses haven’t wowed you enough, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that Moringa oil can help you achieve stronger, healthier, cleaner, softer hair while moisturizing from scalp to roots to ends, the all-natural way!

You may not realize that nutrition is vital to healthy hair.   Yes, that means that your diet can affect whether or not you have a good hair day.  It may not be immediate, but nutrients eventually work to fortify hair follicles.  Here’s where Moringa lives up to its name, “The Miracle Tree.”  Moringa oil is one of the most sought after natural oils used in a variety of beauty products currently on the market.  Its astronomical antioxidant content makes it one of the most potent oils on the planet.  In fact, Moringa contains over 90 phyto-nutrients – including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, and more – that are not only good for our bodies, but also our skin and hair.

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So what are the best nutrients for your hair?  Many of them are the same great nutrients that our bodies need to function properly and that help our skin as well.  And guess what?  Yup, they are all found in Moringa oil.  These include omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamins C and E, zinc, beta carotene, selenium and iron.

In addition to consuming a diet rich in these essential nutrients, including eggs, spinach, salmon, nuts, lentils, sweet potatoes and antioxidant-rich fruits, Moringa offers exceptional nutrition for your hair.  The best way to start is from the inside, by taking Moringa capsules as a daily nutritional supplement boost.  Then, strengthen hair topically by applying a blueberry size portion of Moringa oil on damp or dry hair on a regular basis.

Moringa oil has over 70% oleic acid allowing it to penetrate deep into hair follicles to drive nutrients deeply and repair from the inside out.  As follicles strengthen at the root, they will generate more starter_pack_2vibrate and rejuvenated strands that will create luscious, silky, manageable hair.  Those nutrients lock into strands of hair, reducing pesky breakage and nasty split ends.

Beyond use for daily hair care, Moringa is a terrific scalp massage oil. It has been used for centuries as a natural hair cleanser, and it moisturizes hair to reduce dry scalp, itchiness and dandruff.  Moringa oil is used in many perfumes because its concentration of oleic acid helps it retain fragrances.  For a homemade perfume, mix it with your favorite natural scent for a relaxing and scintillating experience. And because oleic acid absorbs quickly into the scalp, you won’t be left with greasy hair or fingertips.

We can’t think of a simpler, more natural way to good hair days than adding Moringa oil to your hair care routine.  The same phenomenal nutrients that support our insides, can give you stronger, shinier, healthier hair.  With good hair comes, confidence, smiles and a host of other esteem-boosting benefits.  Here’s to Happy Hair Days, Moringa lovers!


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