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Moringa Oleifera Leaf Powder Freeze Dried 100% Organically Grown 1-3 Month Supply

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Moringa Oleifera Leaf Powder Freeze Dried 100% Organically Grown 1-3 Month Supply
(1 Bag / 113g supplies one person
for 1 months if taken once daily) 
You Can Stretch Each Pound To 6 Months. 






Natures Energy Booster known around the world as The Miracle Tree & Tree of Life

Natural Food Supplement 100% Organically Grown Raw Leaf Powder
*No Filler  - *No Additives  - *GMO Free
Powerful Source of
 Vitamins - 
Anti-Oxidants &
Amino Acids 
to Enhance 
Your Overall 
(Freeze Dried to avoid any Loss in Nutrients)
Benefits of Moringa Oleifera


Recent published studies find moringa effective in lowering blood pressure, lowering blood sugar levels, reducing chronic swelling and inflammation, supporting immune functions, and calming the nervous system. These preliminary results support traditional uses of moringa that have been practiced successfully for centuries.

Moringa is traditionally cooked in soups and curries. Unfortunately, much of the nutritional and medicinal value may be lost in the cooking process. Excessive heat denaturizes live enzymes and destroys vital chemical compounds. Freeze dried moringa is highly concentrated and the freeze dry process is the best known method to preserve its vital properties and thereby provide full strength.

Moringa grows prolifically in Northern Thailand where it is called “Ma Rum” and meets the qualifications for   Freeze Dry Co.Ltd. in that it can be harvested in the wild at peak maturity (full strength), immediately delivered “farm fresh” to our Plott Freeze Dry Moringa in USA, Worldwide, and Locally In Tropical Missouri.

Freeze dried for maximum potency.

This   Freeze Dry web page is intended for general information and

education only and is not intended to diagnose, cure, or treat any disease

or illness. It is not a guide for self prescription.

The author or the server management accepts no responsibility for the use

or misuse of the information on this site.

The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements.

As a result of cleansing, detoxifying and normalizing processes you may

experience mild discomfort such as slight nausea or increased bowel

movements. If you experience any reaction stop using this product and

consult your physician. No other side effects have been reported

consistently from the use of this product. Please share this information

with your healthcare provider and be sure that you talk to your doctor

about all prescription and non-prescription medicines you take before you

begin to use any herbal product.













What Is SO GREAT ABOUT MORINGA FREEZE DRIED IN COMPARISON & Effects of Processing on Moringa Oleifera MORIN... by Eric PlottPalmTrees.Com


Our Moringa Leaf Powder is made from the Highest Quality organic source available in the World.  We use only the Finest strands to Harvest and produce this powerhouse super food.  The Moringa Oleifera Leaf Powder will provide you with an added boost within days of consumption.  Many Moringa users have noticed a variety of positive changes in their Health and Well Being including, but not limited to 

Increased Stamina - Promotes increase in Energy Levels and Focus - Reduces the appearance of Face Wrinkles and Fine Lines - Beautifies Skin  - Provides nourishment to the body including the Eyes and the Brain - Increases the bodies Natural Defenses - Promotes natural functioning of the Kidney and Liver - Promotes in Proper Digestion - Anti Inflammatory for the muscles - Supports Natural Sugar Levels in the Body -  Promotes Cell Structure of the Body - Gives Feeling of General Wellness - Promotes Healthy Circulatory System

Moringa’s benefits come from the plant’s high concentration of bio-available nutrients. Which simply means the plants nutrients make their way into the very cells in your body in a quick and dependable way.  This is important because absorption of vitamins and minerals is key to your body’s well being.

Moringa Oleifera is a medicinal plant rich in compounds and nutrients. Every part of the Moringa tree is beneficial and safe for human consumption. Used in traditional medicine and passed down for centuries this plant has been used to Help & Aide in the following below:


  • Increases Energy Levels – Helps Reduce Stress
  • Reduces/Aides Muscular Inflammation & Joint Pains
  • Helps Relief Neck Pains – Back Pains & Sprains
  • Aides in Lowering Blood Pressure Irregularities - Blood Impurities – Respiratory Disorders
  • Reduces Swelling – Headaches – Fever
  • Helps/Aides Levels with: Diabetes - Anemia -  Asthma – Bronchitis – Cough – Sore Throat – Diarrhea – Tuberculosis
  • Eye & Ear Infections – Glandular – Psoriasis
  • Scurvy – Semen Deficiency – Hysteria – Lactation
  • Intestinal Worms – Blackheads – Pimples – Skin Infections


What is Moringa Oleifera?


Moringa Olefeira is a tropical plant native to the Himalayas, India, Pakistan, Asia and Africa.  For thousands of years it was used as a medicinal and nutritional powerhouse thanks to its amazing healing qualities. History taught us that ancient kings and queens from Rome, Greece and Egypt used this miracle plant for healing, skin protection and water purification.


The ancient Maurian warriors of India were fed with Moringa Leaf Extract on the warfront. This elixir was believed to give them extra energy and ease their stress and pain during warfare. These very soldiers were the brave men who defeated “Alexander the Great.” The indigenous knowledge and use of Moringa is documented in more than 80 countries and known in over 200 languages. Moringa has been used by various societies dating as far back as 150 B.C.


In 1998 the World Health Organization promoted Moringa as an alternative to imported food supplies to treat malnutrition in under privileged nations.  After years of research it was concluded that the Moringa Olifeira was the most inexpensive and credible alternative to providing good nutrition and also cure and prevent a myriad of diseases.


Moringa is a true testament to the healing qualities of medicinal plants that have been rediscovered today. It’s no surprise that this tree is universally called the “Tree of Life.”

Directions on Using Moringa Oleifera Raw Leaf Powder
We highly recommend that you take the Moringa Oleifera Powder with water after a meal.  We recommend in the mornings to get the energy for the entire day.  Water can be cold or room temperature, but do not use with hot water, may loose nutrients by doing so.   For the first week, please use only 1/4 to 1/2 of a teaspoon with a tall glass of water, and use a hand held stirrer for best results.  Using a spoon will not blend the moringa powder as desired.  Another way to mix the powder is simply using a bottle and mixing it in the bottle by shaking.  
After the first week slowly increase to 1/2 to 1 Teaspoon, up to twice a day if desired.
(These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration.  This Product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease)


Moringa (Moringa oleifera) supports natural holistic health. Its food value and curative properties make moringa one of natures’ most gifted botanicals Most parts of the moringa tree have been used in traditional medicine throughout the world for centuries with primary focus being on the moringa leaves which we have freeze dried to bring to you their maximum benefit.

Moringa trees grow prolifically in many locations around the world. It is an outstanding example of nature’s genetic versatility which is too often lost (bred away) by large scale agribusinesses. The National Science Foundation, National Geographic Society and the Andrew Melon Foundation have financed a project to collect the world’s 13 Moringa species and “Trees for Life” actively supports moringa cultivation in impoverished areas of the world.

Ayurveda sites 300 conditions improved by moringa. Its strong nutritional value supports claims that moringa provides long lasting energy, increased endurance and mental alertness. It strengthens our bones and enriches our blood. Nutrition along with exercise are primary tools your body needs for preventative maintenance. Your body can achieve a high level of self-healing and vitality given the right materials.


Fresh Moringa Leaves Dried Moringa Leaves (gram for gram)
4X the beta carotene than carrots – 10X Vitamin A than carrots
7X vitamin C in oranges 50% Vitamin C than oranges
4X calcium in milk 17X calcium than milk
2X protein in milk or yogurt 9X the protein of yogurt
3X potassium in bananas 15X the potassium of bananas
74% of the iron in spinach 25X the iron from spinach






Moringa leaves contain a full complement of minerals and all the amino acids of meat.

The highly nutritional properties and phytochemicals in moringa make it an excellent natural, organic dietary supplement that supports your energy, endurance and general health. It is an excellent dietary supplement for children whose nutrition in the formative years affects them all their lives, middle aged people whose modern busy schedules require a boost, and seniors whose natural strength and resistance tends to diminish with age.


Free radicals are molecules that have become unstable as a result of losing one or more electron. This occurs naturally during the process of metabolism at levels that your body’s defense system can normally handle.

Unchecked, free radicals interact destructively to take an electron from healthy molecules in a process called “oxidation.” Healthy cells are damaged or destroyed. In today’s modern world, free radicals are produced in excessive quantities by environmental pollutants, food pollutants, and created by infections, inflammation and by a wide variety of external (environmental) and internal factors. To make matters worse, as we grow older our natural ability to produce our endogenous antioxidants diminishes. If we do not boost our antioxidant levels appropriately, cellular disintegration can damage specific organs and disturb the equilibrium between our organs. This cellular oxidative damage may cause a broad spectrum of health problems and may accelerate the aging process.

Moringa provides high concentrations of four natural dietary antioxidants: Vitamins A, C, E and phenoics. Moringa contains 46 antioxidants which help cells to neutralize free radicals.


As we age, arteries, especially those in the heart, brain, and kidneys, tend to become more hard or stiff. This can cause high blood pressure, which, in turn stresses the heart and kidneys. High blood pressure greatly increases the probability of strokes since high pressure can cause breaks in a weakened blood vessel. High blood pressure can narrow and thicken the blood vessels of the kidneys, which then filter less fluid resulting in a build- up of toxic waste in the blood and possibly lead to kidney failure.

High blood pressure is the major risk factor in congestive heart failure. If the flow of blood is blocked due to clogged arteries a heart attack can result.

Important nutrients for people who suffer from high blood pressure include Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc and Vitamin E all of which are contained in Moringa. Vitamin C supports biosynthesis of nitric oxide which supports proper functioning of blood vessels thereby lowering the risk of hypertension. Calcium supports relaxation and contraction of smoother muscles which may affect blood vessels. Potassium (15X more potassium than bananas) tends to lower sodium content by increasing sodium excretion in the urine which helps blood vessels to dilate and it effects the interactions of hormones that affect blood pressure. Magnesium is believed to benefit people with hypertension, by helping to relax the smooth muscles of the blood vessels.

With abundant supply of the correct nutrients and phytochemicals contained in moringa, control of blood pressure can be greatly assisted.


The wide spectrum and high concentration of vitamins and minerals in moringa help to maintain strong bones and physic. They tend to decrease the negative effects of diseases prevalent among older people and improve the quality of life of those who may suffer from such diseases. As we age, minerals in our bones are lost and bones may become thinner and weaker. Calcium (17 X more calcium than milk) helps strengthen the bones and prevent osteoporosis during old age. Iron (25 X more iron than spinach) helps in the formation of hemoglobin and myoglobin which carry oxygen in the blood and muscles. Oxygen supply to the brain helps improve mental abilities. Iron is also an essential element in proteins and enzymes that support the immune system. Potassium (15 X more potassium than bananas) assists in regulation of the acid-base and water balance in the blood and body tissues. Proteins help prevent muscle loss and maintain cell and organ functions. Calcium and Potassium help reduce blood pressure which tends to rise with age. As we age, our natural synthesis of antioxidants decreases. Increased levels of antioxidants protect us from cellular damage thereby slowing down the aging process. With 46 antioxidants including Vitamins A, C and E, moringa can help prevent oxidative cell damage and mitigate a wide array of resulting illnesses.

The natural and bioavailable nutrients in moringa make it an excellent supplement to slow the aging process and improve the quality of life of our senior citizens.


Insulin is a hormone that is required to convert sugar, starches, and other food into energy. Diabetes is a metabolic disorder in which the body does not produce or property use insulin. Untreated diabetes leads to a variety of serious health complications.

Vitamin D has been found essential for the islet cells in the pancreas to properly secrete insulin. Moringa, as a rich source of ascorbic acid helps in insulin secretion. Vitamins B1, B2, B12, and C as well as potassium and proteins along with frequent meals containing carbohydrates have been found to help to stimulate the biosynthesis of insulin. Studies indicate that a low concentration of Vitamin E may increase the risk of developing diabetes. Complications resulting from diabetes such as cataracts, blindness, diabetic neuropathy, lesions are also addressed by the nutrients and phytochemicals contained in moringa.

Clinical studies indicate that moringa can be effective in helping to lower blood sugar levels.


The cells in our body have a biochemical and electrical signature (markers) that identifies them as belonging to our body. Bacteria cells, virus cells and other invaders have markers that are dissimilar to our body and our immune system recognizes them and signals a complex series of responses to isolate and destroy the invaders. Long before we become conscious of a physical condition recognizable as an illness, a healthy body with a strong immune system will have responded and resolved most conditions. Under extreme stress or with an overloaded immune system we are much more likely to get sick.

Studies indicate that dried moringa powder reduces blood triglycerides and enhances immune response due to increased peripheral and splenocyte T-cell proliferations. This increase in immune response was indicated in the case of nutrient-sufficient subjects. It was concluded that nutrient and phytochemical-rich vegetables such as moringa lead to a better immune response as compared to vegetables such as cabbage that are rich in fiber.


Mothers’ breast milk is the most natural and complete food for newborns for the first 6 months of their lives. Many times, mothers complain of insufficient volume of breast milk and shift to bottle feeding.

Moringa is a galactogogue (herb that promotes the flow of mothers’ milk). Its lactation enhancing effects are indicated by an increase in maternal serum prolactin levels. Prolactin is the most important hormone in the initiation of lactation.

In this way, moringa, as a dietary supplement, assists us beginning in our infancy by helping mothers to more easily provide the best possible food for nursing babies.




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