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I Am Offering Up This ONE FREE Video To You Called "STUPIDITY"

From Our Moringa Kingdom Channel.

All You Have To Do Is Checkout Above For One Little Payment Of 9.95 Or 99.95 YEARLY To Be Apart of The VIP Videos Created By The PlottPalmTrees.Com Productions©. You Will Receive Top Quality Videos On Moringa EXCLUSIVE REPORTS AND NEWS! SOLUTIONS ON HOW TO OVERCOME THE NEW WORLD ORDER. How To Grow Your Own Protest Garden CHEMICAL FREE! How To Purify Your Water Using Moringa Seed. How To Grow Moringa NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE AND GROW A FARMLOAD EACH SEASON! How You Can Sell Your Very own Moringa Shop! How You Can Relocate To A New Location To Get Away From Radiation And Martial Law. HOW TO CURE. SPECIAL SERUMS. Coconut Clare Moringa Special Exclusive Recipes. SIGN UP AND SUBSCRIBE TODAY!!! You Will Get At Least 3-4 NEW VIDEOS EVERY MONTH AND MOST LIKELY MORE IN OUR LIBRARY THAT YOU CAN VIEW! This Will All Be In High Def And The Streaming With be HIGH BANDWIDTH So There Will Be LESS BUFFERING AND WAITING TO LOAD. 



This Movie Is Presented To You, To Help You Better See A Visual Of Where Our Mentality Is Really At In This Day And Age.. A Wake Up call For Some, But A True Reality For Most, Who Haven't Woke Up To The True Tragedy That Is Going On Today. ONCE YOU CHECKOUT YOU WILL RECEIVE A SPECIAL PASSWORD CODE TO GET IN, WITH IT YOU CAN GO TO OUR CHANNEL AND SEE THE EXCLUSIVE PRODUCTIONS PRESENTED TO ONLY THE MORINGA TRIBE MEMBERS THAT ARE LISTED ON THE VIP ROSTER.








†∆ Moringa King™ PlottPalmTrees.Com † Written by Eric Geoffrey Leonard Plott ∆ by Eric PlottPalmTrees.Com

Moringa Kingdom Site

 This Is For People Who Are Familiar With The 440 Plus Cured Patients We Have In The Perfectional Practice. 
If You Are Here You Are A VIP Moringa Tribe Member Or Leader. With A Full Ride Paid Subscription To Our Site. 
Welcome To Our Website And Read Through Our Wealth Of Information On Moringa And Health, Be apart Of The First Healing All Nation Tribe. Subscribtion Starts at 9.95 A Month Or Yearly 99.95 Sale.



Thank you so much Eric Plott, you are a God sent, 

you are saving the lives





Hey Eric,
I'm really appreciated of the product you have a have a medical grade concussion and it has stopped it .i love it so much i need you sell to it to others cuz nothing has stopped my headaches and it has something to keep me regular ~T.C.

•With minor aches, seems that moringa has taken away the minor arthritic pain I had. Would taking more help with some weight loss? Would you recommend either of us taking more or less.
Thank you so much Eric Plott, you are a God sent, you are saving the lives of Millions of people with spreading your message of truth to the masses out there. I read your health blogs and I thought it was crazy not to eat meat, dairy or eggs, but after reading all the science and Pubmed documents and your book "Moringa King" as well as all the posts you have…You are light years beyond your time and God has blessed you with a gift of genius to share to people in a very simple manner that all can pick up and resipiate and respect. We are healing thanks to you and I am blessed by God to find real healing that I didn't friend with the medications that the doctors were giving me and all the false information out there on healers- you are the REAL TRADITIONAL Doctor that is the PERFECT alternative for people like me that have given up hope on all the other junk out there, you offered your sound information very precise and to the "T", You know what you are talking about and you are not afraid to share it, with a full heart. You even get people offended which is a very loving way to wake people up. It is beyond professional, it is Humane. Thanks for putting so much time in, to make your website like a library where people can easily pick up and bookmark your masses of great health information. If everyone was taught what you know in school, there would be no illness or pain, obesity would disappear, and mineral deficiency would be a thing of the past; oh not to mention the medical board would go under, because they could no longer prescribe people to poison chemical drugs and things of that nature. I hope more like you emerge, you are helping me share, I told my mother to stop eating so much dairy and meat per Doctor Eric Plott, lol…

so You are rubbing off on me and in a good way. 
thanks a million, I can't wait to order more of your miracle produce as you call it, Moringa King.

> Pat
> I don't under stand what you meant in your note about the seeds. You said "1-3 seed a day".

Should they be ingested someway?



I Have Some Videos On Moringa Oil...This Is The 
Moringa DOCTOR Video Commercial That Promotes The Moringa Oil And Body Fragrance:


•CONCLUSION To What Moringa Did For My Cut, To Heal My Wound, I Made A Moringa Oil Salve.

•This Is the FULL HUMAN EXPERIMENT Of The Moringa Cut Video Which Is Longer, But Shows You First Hand The Experience:

•This Is How To Apply The Beautification Products

•This Is What ONE 4oz Bottle Looks Like And 1 Pound As Well:

Ⓥ Cold Pressed Royal Egyptian Miracle Moringa Oil Ⓥ

Moringa Ancient Egyptian Oil Secret- DONE BY CLEOPATRA


I Will Let You Know If I Discover New Info On The Moringa Oil .

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