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The epic story of Korea's first missionaries and her last empress - as it's never been told before.
Moringa is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the purposes of Moringa must be made payable to Fractured Atlas and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.




Feature Film (In progress)










MORINGA is the story of the last Empress of Korea.

Cleverly taking advantage of western powers to counter the threats raised by the Japanese, she opens her nation's doors to western missionaries... 



Summary and history



At the turn of the 19th century, the hermit kingdom of Korea is on the edge of turmoil.

A dangerously militarized Imperial Japan lays its heavy hand on the nation.

China and Russia lurk just over the horizon.


The last empress of Korea, however, is a fiercely shrewd and defiant woman who will not go down without a fight. In a surprise political move, she opens her nation to the west. As Christian missionaries cross Korea's borders for the first time, they severely disrupt the Japanese threat - for the time being.

Yet underneath her formidable exterior, the Empress is a fragile and fearful woman on the verge of a breakdown. Because of the intense danger that surrounds her, she cannot afford to be recognized by anyone outside of a tight circle of trusted courtesans and allies. And even among these, her trust may be misplaced. 

As the fate of her nation hangs in the balance, she frantically turns to Buddhism and ancient Shaman rituals, searching for the strength and peace that she so desperately needs. 

She finds it - but in a way that she never would have expected.

This is her story.



Japanese army in Korea, late 19th century


 Chinese army in Korea, late 19th century 


Russian army in Korea, late 19th century

Until then, anyone who was found to be a Christian was brutally executed.


                                                    Christians hanged, late 19th century

A Lasting Legacy


The events of this era made a tremendous impact on Christian history. The gospel seed, sown in terrible violence, suffering and tears, has now grown and flourished.

Today, South Korea is home to the world's largest church, and is the world's second largest missionary sending nation. 



                                                              Missionary preaching in Korea, late 19th century

Several Korean films have been made about the last Empress, but most of them focused on her horrific death.  None of these films have revealed the most precious truth - the truth that cost the sacrifice a generation of missionaries their lives, and that cost the last Empress of Korea her life.   




                                                        Medical missionaries at an operating table in Korea

The MORINGA movie reveals the true legacy of these historical events, and Korea's dramatic transformation at the end of the century. The love and sacrifice at the core of this story is a foundational piece of Korean church history - and the history of world missions!






About Why



I was born into a Christian family -  my father was a pastor until he retired, and my brother is also a pastor and the leader of a missions agency. I attended Sunday services as long as I can remember. And I always thought I was saved - that is, until a life crisis suddenly brought me to my knees.

Through that season of hardship, I was deeply touched by the Holy Spirit. I had to go through a period of painful repentance, but my life was forever changed. God completely redirected my life. It was amazing!

I became passionate about learning. I especially wanted to learn how Christianity came into four generations of my family. That desire drove me to do extensive research on the history of Christianity in Korea, as well as the history of various countries involved when missionaries were first allowed into Korea. 

I was stunned by what I learned - and I knew that this story was from God, and that it needed to be told.

As a result, I left behind a 20+ year career in the design business to enter film school. After three years in film school, I spent four more years to develop this film.  I have made many short films but this is my first full-length feature. 

During these years I've witnessed miraculous signs that I believe were only possible by the help of the Holy Spirit. One of them is the title of this movie, which came to me one morning only after much prayer!

What is Moringa? It's a Biblical tree of life that never dies. And that's what this story is really about.

Anyone can research and put together the facts and the history of this era, but the story that I want to tell is interwoven with my life, culture, and spiritual experiences. 

I hope this will be a spiritual awakening to people of all cultures and backgrounds. 

MORINGA is not only my personal passion, but my faithful response to God's redemptive work in my life, and hopefully, a small contribution to the urgent need for worldwide redemption.

Thank you so much - and please join our mission.


Risks and Challenges



Through perseverance and surrounding myself with the right team, my journey in Hollywood is more exiting than ever.  I've produced several feature films, one of them starring Ben Stiller and Jesse Eisenberg. I've worked with some of the greats like Tom Hanks and Will Smith. I've met some of the most amazing people along the way.  

Recently, one of those people is Minaeh.  Like you heard, she gave up everything to pursue this dream of bringing "Moringa" to life.  Her inspiring testimony drew me to this project.  

We are excited to share this message through our film and we wish to bring the untarnished, true vision to a worldwide audience.  

In order to be certain that our vision remains untouched and that we can stay true to the story, we must carefully select the production methods to complete this film. 

We invite all of you to be part of this important project and produce the film with us.

To make the film, we will need to gather top tier talented professionals to take this project to its envisioned height.  

First, we want to hire a well-known, reputable director and a lead actor, and for that we will need to acquire enough funding to bring them on board.  

Besides that, this is a period film set in a foreign country - which means higher production costs for our team.

We hope you take the time to support this film. It's a truly amazing cause and it's bigger than any of us. Your donations will not go in vain.  All proceeds from this film will go back to actual missionaries risking their lives right now - continuing the work  of the missionaries of our story, long ago in the late 19th century.



Women ministry






What We Need And What You Get


This is how it works!  There are different ways that you can help support our project.  You can pledge now by a donation of any amount, or you can pre-purchase the DVD of the film along with other attractive rewards. When the film is completed around October 2015, it'll be sent to you.  We are currently unable to provide our 501c3 number, but through our fiscal sponsorship with Fractured Atlas, donors will be able to make tax-deductible contributions and receive tax receipts.  

We're offering variety of interesting perks on your right to pick from.  These perks are only possible during this campaign.  Please click on the option that works for you!

Other Ways You Can help


Another way to get involved is by forwarding this campaign to your friends, family, and your affiliated social media.  Tell everyone you know about this amazing film to be made.  Every bit of contribution helps and we appreciate you taking the time.

Thanks you so much for your support.  We cannot wait to go on this journey with you.



Minaeh Ahn:  Writer, Executive Producer

Daniel Josev:  Producer, Actor

Luke Son:  Co-Producer, Actor

Yuichi Komori:  Videographer

Dr. Paul Jhin:  

Former Director of special initiation (US Peace Corp) Peace                                             Corp Representative (UN Secretary General's Office) White                                             House President's Office, State Department Secretary's                                                   Office, US Gov. 

Pastor, Joseph Ahn:  

30 years missionary work overseas and stateside.                                                                Founder of In Christ Alone (ICA) Ministries                                                                              V-SET International Missions                                                                                                     Head pastor of White Harvest Evangelical Church, Los Angeles

Pastor, Ho Yoon Jung:  

Former president of Korean-American                                                                                     Evangelical Church Of America 
Head pastor of Korean Christian Na-Sung Church, Los Angeles




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