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Products I Love: Super Foods

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‘Superfoods’ is the term used to describe foods, which have strong health benefits but in all the excitement of good health and nutrition it is sometimes hard to keep track of why these foods are so good for us and when we should use them! So I thought I would help you distinguish your matcha from your macca with a little bit of information about some of the amazing superfoods that I love and use a lot!

I should quickly spend a minute explaining what free radicals are before we go any further, as the benefits of lots of these superfoods are often directly related to them. Free radicals are atoms or molecules that have too many or too few electrons, this gives them a ‘charge’ and makes them unstable. This means that inside the body they take or deposit electrons, which damage the cells in our body in the same way that an apple begins to turn brown if you leave half of it uneaten on the counter for a while! Free radicals come from both inside and outside of our bodies so we will always be exposed to them. However, it is exogenous free radicals (the ones from outside our bodies) that cause the greatest problems by putting excessive strain on our own antioxidant systems. So how can we defend ourselves from the free radicals? Well antioxidants inhibit the damage of cells from by free radicals, so maximising our antioxidant intake through the food that we eat can help to reduce the amount of free radical damage that accumulates in our bodies as we get older. Of course minimising our exposure to free radicals (by avoiding pollution, excessive strenuous exercise, sunlight, smoking, drinking alcohol among other things) is also really helpful!


Acai is a great place to start when it comes to the free radical issue as it has one of the highest oxygen radical absorption capacities (ORAC), which means it is really good at fighting free radicals. Acai is also naturally high in essential fatty acids and amino acids. This means that it supports heart health and helps to improve energy and muscle performance. When buying acai it’s usually best to avoid buying capsules, which may only contain a small amount of acai. Instead buy it in frozen packs, or FREEZE DRIED Like shown in the link above...which help to preserve the minerals – plus it makes the most amazing smoothies! Did You Know That The HIGHEST ORAC Rating (The MOST Antioxidant Rich Plant Ever Discovered Is MORINGA? Read More About That By Clicking The Link Below:


Baobab is an incredible source of Vitamin C, iron and alkalising minerals. In fact, gram for gram, baobab contains about 6 times more Vitamin C than an orange! Not only does this do wonders for the immune system but it also helps the body’s use of food for energy. It also helps the body to absorb iron, which is especially important for people on plant-based diets. As such an immune booster I add baobab to my smoothies whenever I’m feeling coldy or run down, it really boosts me and it adds a nice fruity flavour to the drink.


Bee Pollen

You may have seen bee pollen sprinkled on top of my smoothies and breakfasts and wondered why I use it, so let me tell you about one of my favourite superfoods! Bee pollen is one of nature’s most nourishing foods, as it contains almost all of the nutrients we need. Not only does it have a higher protein content than any animal source but the form of the protein is also well matched for absorption so we really do get the full benefit! Bee pollen is also full of anti-inflammatory properties that are particularly good for the lungs and for treating skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. It also works wonders in reducing allergy symptoms as it reduces the presence of histamine. It’s antibiotic and antioxidant properties aid our immune systems too and help to protect our cells against free radicals. On top of all this, bee pollen is rich in digestive-aiding enzymes, which enhance the body’s ability to absorb nutrients from the food we eat.


Cacao is just so delicious that it is hard to imagine that it really is good for us! However, it is actually an incredible source of antioxidants, magnesium and iron making it an incredibly healthy alternative to the conventional cocoa powder. Raw cacao is so much richer in flavour than cocoa so even though it may seem more expensive, it really goes much further as you use it much slower than regular cocoa powder.


Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are one of my absolute favourites and are such an amazing addition to smoothies, salads and porridge and are packed with goodness. So much so that there is a whole post about them here for you!


Chlorella comes from algae and is popular due to its high protein and nutrient content. Its benefits include aiding digestion, boosting energy and can also improve the symptoms of depression due to the high magnesium concentration. Research has also shown its ability to reduce body-fat percentage and the levels of blood-glucose, which in turn can help to prevent energy crashes. People suffering from heart disease, obesity and type 2 diabetes are also said to benefit from including chlorella in their diets. Chlorella stimulates probiotic growth and absorbs toxins in the intestine, which helps to prevent constipation and the prevention of toxic material, including metals like mercury, from being reabsorbed into the bloodstream. I have to be honest though and say that whilst it makes me feel amazing I don’t love the taste, so I often get it in tablet form instead so that I can keep my smoothies delicious! (I use THIS BRAND Shown in the link below)

Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds are one of the most nutritional seeds in the world. Hemp seeds are a complete protein source, which means that they contain all of the essential amino acids that our bodies need. They also have a great balance of essential fats, vitamins and enzymes with little sugar and saturated fats. The oil in hemp seeds is about 80% good fat – polyunsaturated fatty acids. These fats are so important for keeping our bodies, skin and hair healthy and hemp provides the ideal ratio of these, unlike other superfoods. Our bodies don’t produce these naturally so we really have to make sure that we get enough of them from our food. Hemp can be consumed as seeds, oil or as a protein powder to help lower cholesterol and blood pressure, help to boost and sustain energy, reduce inflammation and help the circulatory and immune systems.

Goji Berries

Goji berries (or wolf berries) are so delicious sprinkled on top of porridge or salads and are usually found in their dried form in order to protect them in transit. The blue-red colour is given by the natural anti-oxidants and goji berries also contain complex starches, which help the immune system to function. Some links have been made between these berries and the prevention of Alzheimer’s and other age related diseases. They also help to repair skin damage with good levels of vitamin A to help get that healthy, youthful glow!


Lucuma powder comes from the lucuma fruit in South America and is often used as a natural sweetener thanks to its caramel-like flavour. It is a delicious way of adding fibre, vitamins and minerals like zinc, calcium and iron to smoothies and desserts – although cooking will lower the nutritional concentration so it is best in uncooked recipes.



Maca is a great mood balancer so it is the perfect thing to add to your breakfast if you wake up feeling a little cranky! It can help to relieve symptoms or menopause or PMS in women such as relieving cramps and mood swings and is said to be a natural libido booster too! However, it isn’t recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women. It is also a brilliant energy booster, with many people finding that after just a few days, they experience a noticeable difference. It is also popular among athletes for building endurance. Like most superfoods, maca is rich in vitamins B, C and E as well as being a good source of calcium, zinc, iron and other essential minerals and nutrients. It is usually best to start small with maca as large quantities can cause hormonal imbalances.



Matcha is high in antioxidants and particularly catechins, which are the most potent and beneficial antioxidants. The high level of L-Theanine in matcha induces relaxation without causing drowsiness, leaving you calm but not sleepy! Memory and concentration are also enhanced by the same amino acid as it causes the production of serotonin and dopamine to increase. This helps to boost our moods too and keep us happy! Swap coffee for matcha green tea for a super healthy, energising alternative to coffee – plus matcha is about 15x stronger than normal green tea so you’ll be buzzing for hours!


Moringa is amazing for anyone struggling with fatigue or iron-deficiency. The moringa tree is known as the ‘miracle tree’ due to its medicinal properties. Made up of almost 25% protein, moringa contains all nine essential amino acids. It is also exceptionally high in antioxidants with an ORAC value of 157,000! Moringa comes in a powder form and is great for giving an energy boost in your smoothies.


Spirulina is made from algae just like chlorella. It has been shown to encourage the growth of the healthy bacterial flora in our guts, which benefits digestion and helps to prevent candida overgrowth. This is particularly important for those suffering from autoimmune diseases and chronic candida. It is also 60-70% complete protein which is much greater than any animal source of protein. Not only is spirulina highly digestible but it also helps the body to absorb minerals, lowers cholesterol and protects the immune system too! Just like chlorella spirulina has a really strong flavour, so lots of people prefer to take it in tablet form. I actually really like it in my smoothies but it’s important to start with just half a teaspoon or so of it the first time so that you get used to the taste.


Wheatgrass is an amazing alkaliser and has properties very similar to our own blood, making it a great superfood for helping us look and feel young! It also helps to cleanse the blood, organs and lymph systems by neutralizing toxins that build up in our bodies. With twice the amount of vitamin A as carrots, more vitamin C than oranges, and a full house of B vitamins too, wheatgrass really is a nutrient powerhouse. It also contains all of the essential amino acids, making it a complete protein source and these are all in shorter chains which means the body is able to process them more efficiently. You can buy wheatgrass shots at health foodie places, but it also comes in a powder form that you can use at home – again it’s not the most delicious thing but it really does help you feel awesome.

There are so many superfood brands to try and the best thing to do is find a brand you love where the products are totally raw and natural. PLOTTPALMTREES.COM has a great range of just about everything, We sell capsules for those that can’t quite get to grips with the taste of spirulina and a great brand for our brand new moringa powder.   browse   and stock up your cupboards with some of these amazing foods and powders to help nourish your body with some of the best superfoods!










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