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PAGE#2 MORE Personal Reviews Of Mr.Eric G. Plott





Yes indeed! Eric is a born leader, he takes full charge and responsibility of what he promises. I placed an order and without delay I received it in 2 days. I placed the order on saturday & by Monday it was in my mailbox!. Best quality, he delivers what he promises, Yes I recommend Eric Plott to anyone! 
Cecilia R."


What a wonderful thing you bring to humanity! If only this could get into the hands and bodies of all those who are suffering from disease, then we would transform into our true selves..."


Awesome Man Of God And teacher- he knows the truth and he lives it with excellence. PlottPalmTrees.Com is a suprior product and website country."


I met Eric on fb.I love his passion.His love for his dad is what motivated this cure! I started using Moringa and it is helping me,healing me!"

Eric's Reply

Thank you so much barb, you are right. You are healing you. I am so proud of your endeavor. I support you and am very proud too.


Excellent ability in researching all info possible...admirable traits in taking the"charge"...ahead of the game..super super super"


Eric has great insight and a very concerned view for all involved. 



This Awesome man knows what he is talking about!!"


Greatist guy around and extremely fast shipping."


Eric is our nephew he is a very focused and ambitious young man who is hard working and talented in a number professions, for example internet marketing and building a business from scratch. What makes Eric stand out from other professionals is his steadfast determination. When he decides to do something he is extremely dedicated and locks on to a project like a dog with a bone and he will fight until he accomplishes what he has set his mind on."


recommended indeed, youre doing a great natural service as well as unorthodox deco Id say, it'd be awesome to see palms all over the country lol.

this is a pretty cool resource, if only such things were more accessible when I was on freelance brick&stone work. however that was a full market dropout anyway.. and now I'm in totally different jobs that kinda selfnetwork, altho this site may serve my processes; is plotts palms on angieslist too?See More"




absolutely I recommend this move of faith and dedication to bringing in one palm tree at a time- we are so blessed with each new sub tropical palm or plant- the excitement builds and is available to everyone looking for the wind of change, victory and hope= keep up the good work Eric- son I hope to see this growth and enjoy the season's ahead. w/ love and respect, meesh."




I would definitely recommend Eric and his business to anyone. He is probably the most motivated person I know."