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Plott Palm Babies Adoption



Full Size Plott Palm Tree

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Plant a Plott Palm Tree near your pool for that tropical look. Windmill Palm Trees survive minus 15-17 degrees F (WHEN MATURE & With Protection They Can Live Even Colder).

Very few trees offer a tropical welcome atmosphere

like the evergreen Plott Palm Tree.

Very large Plott Palm trees can be rapidly shipped (balled and burlap) by FedEx freight to be planted in your garden or patio.

Plant a few Plott Palm Trees along the edge of your swimming pool for that evergreen look all year.

When placed at doorways of buildings the Windmill Palm trees freshen the city air.
Deer and many other wildlife animals can be found roaming through groves of Plott Palm Trees.

Container grown Plott Palm trees are highly desirable specimens to place at the doors and entrances of commercial buildings or to shade customers at sidewalk cafes.

Treat the Plott Palm Tree like the desert plant that it is, and it will thrive, like many types of palm trees,

the Plott Palm Tree is salt water tolerant and resistant to the exhaust fumes automobiles.

Along the coastal areas of the Carolinas, Georgia and Florida, the Windmill Palm Tree can be found growing in salt water spray only a few yards from the ocean waters.

The black and brown fibers that encircle the trunk of the Plott Palm Tree give insulation to the tree that during freezing weather protects the plant from cold damage.

From a distance the fibers on the trunk of the Windmill Palm Tree are hairy in appearance,

flowing outwardly in irregular dramatic patterns.Windmill Palm Trees are very cold hardy and can grow north from USDA zone 6 and south to Florida.

The trunk of the Plott Palm is insulated by a thick hairy layer of shredded bark.

Plott Palms also produce copious amounts of dates which feed wildlife but are inedible for people. Palm Trees, especially the Plott, add a tropical look to otherwise dull,

cold winter landscapes.THEY ARE FULL-PROOF IN MISSOURAH!!!


palm seedlings =$19.9510x palm seedlings =$37.8925x palm seedlings=$49.95palm baby (1foot)=$69.963x palm babies (1foot) =$156.445x palm babies(1foot) =$299.5410x palm babies(1foot)=$376.901x palm todler(2-3ft)= $169.952x palm todler(2-3ft)= photo 936945_140682356119971_243914462_n.jpg

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palm seedlings =$19.95

10x palm seedlings =$37.89

25x palm seedlings=$49.95


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palm baby (1foot)=$69.96

3x palm babies (1foot) =$156.44


5x palm babies(1foot) =$299.54

10x palm babies(1foot)=$376.90


I remember putting this palm tree in last. year and it is coming up again photo 922731_139259236262283_1488093905_n.jpg


Click Here To See #2 Video " Teenagers "


1x palm teen palm (2-3ft)= $169.95

2x palm teen palm(2-3ft)= $299.12

huge spring sale!!!


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palm seedling   sale and baby as well as todler palms! what are you waiting for?

Start your tropical paradise today!


  palm seedlings =$19.9510x palm seedlings =$37.8925x palm seedlings=$49.95palm baby (1foot)=$69.963x palm babies (1foot) =$156.445x palm babies(1foot) =$299.5410x palm babies(1foot)=$376.901x palm todler(2-3ft)= $169.952x palm todler(2-3ft)= photo 969127_140677906120416_1352177659_n.jpg

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