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† Superfood Spotlight∆ Reishi Spore Oil, Powerful Nutrient for Your Immune System ~E.G.PLOTTPALMTREES.COM ∆

8 Benefits of Reishi


Spore Oil





†Superfood Spotlight∆

Reishi Spore Oil, Powerful Nutrient for Your Immune System




Touted by many holistic and wellness professionals as a miracle herb, the spores of the Reishi mushroom are considered a superfood. Specifically, the spores from the Reishi mushroom produce an oil (aff link to buy some on Amazon) that has powerful immunity-boosting properties. Herbal expert Brandon Gilbert says, “Reishi spore oil is thought of as the most valuable portion of the fungus since it boosts the nutritive value of the reishi . . .” and heightens the medical effects and functions of the reishi.






While many medicinal mushrooms including Maitake, Cordyceps, and Shiitake have been known to have health benefits, only Reishi is considered one of the most versatile and potent. As such, it’s commonly used in Asia for medicinal purposes, heralded for its ability to boost overall health. In fact, it’s considered one of the most valued herbs in traditional Chinese medicine, boasting a 4,000 year history of use. But the power of Reishi spore oil is popular elsewhere as well, including its enjoyment by the popular raw foodist expert, Matt Monarch. When it’s made its way to Matt Monarch’s list of must-haves, you know it’s extremely beneficial for your body.





8 Benefits of Reishi


Spore Oil





1. Boosts Immune System

The oil as “The most powerful immune system-building nutrient available.” In fact, studies have shown its ability to target certain markers in the body that ultimately stimulate the immune system and lead to healing.

2. Anti-Cancer Benefits

Numerous studies, including ones published in “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA,” show that Reishi mushroom’s polysaccharides, a complex carbohydrate polymer, “. . . can induce antibodies to recognize tumor-associated carbohydrate antigens on cancer cells and kill them.” Other studies have noted that in addition to polysaccharides, the Reishi mushroom also has triterpenes (an unsaturated hydrocarbon common in essential oils and plants) which may have cancer-preventing qualities.

3. Improves Digestion

Reishi spore oils also improve the digestive system, enabling it to run at optimal levels. The oil regulates the gut, allowing the body to ward off or better deal with a host of stomach problems, including ulcers.

4. Anti-Aging

In addition to its immune system-building benefits, Reishi spore oil “. . . has the potential to powerfully . . . preserve youthfulness.” It’s thought that the oil’s ability to absorb nutrients helps to feed the skin which leads to a more youthful appearance.

5. Improved Mood

Many have observed diminished stress levels when taking Reishi spore oil. In turn, a more positive mind-set, void of tension, results.

6. Detoxifying Effects

Reishi spore oil has been known to improve blood circulation and rid the body of toxins, making it a coveted way to obtain detoxifying benefits.

7. Better Heart Health

Reishi spore oil has been known to strengthen the heart, keeping it working accurately and therefore, staving off potential cardiovascular problems.

8. Reduction of Asthma Symptoms

Gilbert says Reishi spore oil can “. . . help the lung by soothing any discomfort, treating allergies and improving conditions of folks with breathing tract disorder, bronchitis and asthma.”


About Reishi Spore Oil

The mushroom’s spores contain an oil which contains the most bioactive material of the mushroom, even moreso than the mushroom itself. Reishi spore oil is rare in nature, and as such, needs a very large quantity of Reishi mushrooms and spores to produce just a few drops of spore oil.

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