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According To WebStats.Com We Are 100/100 With Our Reputation AND STILL GROWING TO BE THAT 5 STAR BUSINESS WE DREAM OF! Help Me, Help You, Make A Dream Come True!  ~E.G.Plott~And You Can't Grow Wrong At PlottPalmTrees.ComPatricia Plott Jenni photo 64732_121775581343982_443866900_n.jpgEND OF THE WORLD SALE! Read More Details Below- See More.. Here Is Your SAVINGS!The CAP DEAL IS 1000 Caps Priced At photo 205095_523410484343909_1596711109_n.jpg photo 72444_115108998677307_1953189666_n.jpg
 Terms & Conditions: 

We Do Ship Global To ALL First, Second,

And Third World Countries!


International Shipping Will Vary Upon Shipping Charges. 

A Normal $7.69   Shipping Applies

To All Sales Total If You Reside In AMERICA.


If You Are Out Of The Country

That Total Will Be 19.99-56.95

(Subject To Change) Shipping. 


You Will Recieve Additional Shipping Charges

If You Live Outside The US Territory

& The Weight Exceeds The Normal Limit.


I Apply Usual Postal Code Fees,

The Same As Other Businesses.


We Ship Out As Fast As Possible, Usually 3-5 Days. With Consideration Of Processing Fresh Produce And Postal Servicing;

Please Understand we Are Not GIVING YOU PRODUCT That Sits On A Shelf,

It Is All Fresh FROM The Picking/HARVEST And We Demand That Best Quality And Quanity Customer Service And Satisfaction. 

All Raw Wildcraft Organic Produce Is PROPRIETARY, Meaning It Is FRESHLY HARVESTED And Due To Back Order Or Pre-Order Conditions;

Allow For Maximum Duration Of Arrival For Your Order. If You Would Like To Enhance The Speedy Delivery Of Your Order,

Please Place Separate Orders ASIDE From The Fresher Produce And You Can Pay Separate SHIPPING AS WELL.

For Example, If You PURCHASE The Moringa Miracle Soap, We Can Ship That Or Similiar Items AS THE Usual "Very Fast" SHIPMENT, 

HOWEVER, If You Order That Soap And Followed By Another Fresher Produce That Might Take Longer To Develop Or Produce;


You Can Always Contact Us To Learn More about This Particular Order Placing

By Finding The CONTACT PAGE OR TOLL FREE Number Above,

We Would Be Glad To Help You Place Your Order.

We Ensure To Initiate All Order IN And Utilize-Out The Most Timely And Prompt Fashion To Satisfy Your Life And Harmony. 

Let Us Know More On How We Can PERFECT This Experience for You More. (


But Give At Least A 3-6 Week

Waiting Period Depending On Location & Process Time. 

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We Go Above & Beyond To Make Sure That All Our Products Are Shipped Out Properly The First Time

To Ensure Premium Grade Quality And Efficiency. Please Read Our Testimonial & Review Page 

To Hear How Fast Customers Recieved Their Order(s)

As Well As The Grand Quality That PlottPalmTrees.Com



You Can't Grow Wrong At PlottPalmTrees.Com

~Eric Geoffrey Leonard Plott~



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This May Or Maynot Pertain To You- I Am Just Posting To All My Recent Contacts- So If It Doesn't APPLY Let It Fly, If The Shoe Fits WEAR It Cinderella. 



1) If You Can't Help Yourself, I Cannot Help You- You Have To Be The One To Change Yourself Or WANT To Change, I Can't Do It For You. I Can Only Encourage And Inspire.

2) I Am Completely Finished With Going Out Of My Way To Try To Help People, If You Want My Aid, Advice, Guidance; I Grow Weary Running Out Of My Way To Help To Only Get Pulled Under Heckeled. 
You Know Where To Find Me And You Know I can Help...I Am Not About To Convince Myself Or Stress Myself Out To Death. Thank You. 

Kindest Eric Plott

By Filling out and checking the box on this TERMS AND CONDITIONS Page, You Are Allowing The Fulfillment Of Our Full Electronic Contract And Forbearance of Your FULL COMPREHENSION AND FOLLOW THROUGH With The ACTUAL HUMAN EXPERIMENTATION CASE-COHORT Study Which Is Being Conducted By
Eric Geoffrey Leonard Plott As A Harvard Medical Researcher- Plant Based Nutritionist Cornell University.
This Study Is Based Off Of The HEALER'S SURVEY Page Which You May/Not Complete.
  Testimonials Given From Patients (From Doctors Or Nurse Approval) Or Customers From PlottPalmTrees.Com Are REQUIRED From Here On Out, To Hereby Withhold Defense Upon Our Legality As Protected Rights Of The
PERFECTIONAL PRACTICE™ Guidelines Mentioned; Which Allow Pictures, Video, And Written Exposure To ALL PRODUCE OR PRODUCTS From The Adhereance Of All PLOTTPALMTREES.COM PRODUCTIONS To Become Benefical Evidence And Scientific Stratums Of The Validity Of Confounding And Risk/Odds Ratio Upon Other Treatments And Protocols. We Are therefore NOT HELD LIABLE For ANY OUTCOMES OF WHAT OUR PRODUCTION CONCLUDES. All Testimonials Might Be Stored For Public Domain Display And Highlighted In Our REAL TESTIMONIAL STORY PAGE For All To VIEW FREELY AS A SOURCE Of Reliable Information On Ancient Alternative Medicine Treatment.
(This Also May Or May Not Include The Production Of Photographic Evidence Or In The Manifestation Of Videography However The Owner Of PlottPalmTrees.Com Deems Acceptable And APPROPRIATE For PUBLIC DOMAIN Under The Legal Precepts Of Non-Violent, Non-Racist, Non-Nude, And Non-Threatened Reproduction)
By Continuing you also agree to waive all rights to legal counsel by the acceptance of the cause, according to the 5th and 6th Amendment; you no longer pursue prosecuting or legal aid at the defense of your ailment or pre-trial, trial, or speedy trial. You Are Disimbard  from any unfair and unjust claims made towards the actions or lack of protocol in which you (the cusumer) hold in your own TERMS & CONDITIONS Being APPROVED UPON CHECKOUT AND PAYMENT Of Your Produce/Products Created By PLOTTPALMTREES.COM PRODUCTIONS©. 


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FDA Required Disclaimer For Sites That Do Not Endorse Chemotherapy:

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