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Top 14 Health Benefits Moringa Powder ~E.G.Plott~ Moringa Facts According To Science HARVARD MED.

Top 9 Health Benefits Moringa Powder

Moringa powder is obtained from Moringa oleifera tree.

This plant is considered as one of the most nutritious plants with nutrition concentrated in its small greeny leaves.

Moringa powder is dark green in color and smells nut like. The powder is basically prepared by drying up the leaves of the plant at a low temperature. The powder once packed in a container after screening out the impurities remains fresh for several months retaining its vitamins and mineral property.
This powder is very rich in Vitamin A and C, so it is very useful for hair and skin.

Various uses for Moringa powder:

1. Works effectively in Diabetes:

Moringa powder drink is extremely useful for diabetic patients.

It keeps the sugar level in track. It is definitely a very cost effective remedy for diabetic patients.


df Effect of Moringa Oleifera Lam Leaves Aqueous Extract Therapy on Hyperglycemic Rats



2. Rich in antioxidants:

it is very rich in anti oxidants like catechin polyphenols, particularly epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) which inhibits the growth of cancer cells especially breast cancer.


3. Good for cholesterol patients:

it is very effective for lowering cholesterol levels. It also restricts the formation of blood clots in the body system.


4. Increases the stamina of the body:

we all know how rich Moringa powder is in minerals, anti oxidants, vitamins etc. it boots up the energy level of the body and increases the stamina of the body. Thus the body is filled with energy in order to perform various rigorous activities throughout the day. So performing lots of activities during the day also results in weight loss.


5. Increases concentration:

this Moringa powder is very essential in increasing concentration. So students should consume this powder daily for concentration in studies and achieving good results on a whole.


6. Ideal for pregnant and lactating women:

very ideal for women suffering or likely to suffer from nutritional deficiencies. Daily iron and calcium needs of pregnant women can be satiated by consuming 6-7 spoons of Moringa powder.


7. Moringa powder is used to cure arthritis and joint pain:

Old people suffering from the following disease should also consume Moringa powder as it relieves the person from joint pain very effectively.


8. Stronger bones:

as Moringa powder is very rich in nutrients and a good source of calcium it can be used for making the bones stronger.


9. It cures stomach and intestinal ulcers:

well Moringa powder in known for its property of cleaning the body effectively of all the dirt and toxins.


10. Face pack for glowing skin:

Moringa powder can be used to make a paste with rosewater and directly applied to the face. One can achieve clearer and glowing skin.


11. Deals with constipation in children and adults:

People suffering from constipation should consume one spoon of Moringa powder on a regular basis in order to keep constipation at bay.


12. It provides immunity to the system:

Immune body can fight against various diseases like fever, bacterial infection and attack etc. So intake of Moringa powder brings immunity to the body.


13. Healing property:

It has healing properties, by which it can heal wounds and cuts faster than otherwise.


14.Helps in keratin formation:

Keratin is a very important constituent for the hair and is responsible for hair growth. Vitamins and minerals present in the keratin powder helps in the formation of keratin. Provides sulphur to the hair thus preventing the problems of hair loss.

The dosage of Moringa powder depends upon the age of an individual and severity of a particular disease. Directions on the Moringa powder bottle should be followed or a doctor can always be consulted as they can provide the best advice for you.

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