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What is Moringa Oleifera? & Health Benefits of Moringa






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Benefits Of Moringa Through Science And in General Observation


Moringa Oleifera – The Miracle Tree (WATCH EACH VIDEO - On The Moringa Playlist- Flip Through )

There are few natural plants on this world that can be legitimately called a “superfood.”
 One of the most powerful superfoods calledMoringa Oleiferahas finally found its’ way into

the Western World and some medical professionals are going               

     sofar as to call Moringa Oleifera the “Miracle Tree.”Since it is                                                   

   fairly new to the western world, not many people know about                                                        

  this amazing plant. So what is Moringa Oleifera and why are                                                     

medical professionals calling it the “Miracle Tree?”

What is Moringa Oleifera?

Moringa Oleifera is a tree that primairly grows in the foothills of the Himalayas. However, it can be found scattered among portions of India, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

It can grow up to 36 feet in height and can live as long as 20 years if undisturbed. However, people native to areas in which moringa oleifera grows often cut the leaves back 4-5 feet each year to harvest the leaves and pods that grow on the tree.

What are the benefits of Moringa Oleifera?

The primary benefit of Moringa Oleifera is the high nutritional value of the leaves. In one serving of Moringa Oleifera leaves, you can fin

  • 125% daily value of Calcium
  • 61% daily value of Magnesium
  • 41% daily value of Potassium
  • 71% daily value of Iron
  • 272% daily value of Vitamin A
  • 22% daily value of Vitamin C 
  • In total, there are over 90 different vitamins, minerals, or other nutrients in Moringa oleifera.There is no other “superfood” on Earth that can make a claim like this. Moringa Oleifera is a complete health product that will not only provide you with the vitamins you need, but also improve your overall health as well.

Moringa Oleifera also has other touted benefits such as:

  • lower blood pressure
  • improved mood
  • improved digestion
  • improved immune system function
  • protects the stomach lining
  • treats stomach ulcers
  • boosts energy levels
  • treats typhoid fever
  • treat malaria 
  • lower your sugar level (Diabetes)
  • treat sexual impotency
  • Plus MANY MORE!

Health Benefits of Moringa

Moringa also known as the Miracle Tree is a multipurpose plant, as the leaves, pods, fruits, flowers, roots and bark of the tree can be utilized. It is also referred to as Drumstick Tree by the Britishers. The specialty of this tree is that it actually bears fruits in the warm season.

Health Benefits of Moringa
There are many benefits of the moringa tree, but the health benefits are the most important. Research has proved that various parts of the moringa tree can be used to cure a minimum of 300 diseases.

Lets see a few of them here.

* Moringa is rich in Vitamin A. It contains four times more Vitamin A or beta-carotene than carrots. Hence, it is a weapon against blindness.
* It is also a rich source of Vitamin C many times more than oranges.

* Normally milk is said to be a rich source of calcium but the amount of calcium present in moringa leaves is way higher than in milk.

* The moringa leaves are said to contain two times the protein present in milk.

* Bananas are a rich source of potassium. But moringa leaves contain seven times more potassium than bananas.

* Along with potassium, zinc is also found in large quantities in moringa.

* If moringa leaves were to be eaten by one and all, the world will be free of anemia as it contains three times more iron than spinach.

* With all the junk food eaten these days, many people face problems of high cholesterol. Moringa helps in balancing the cholesterol levels in the body.

* Essential Amino acids are also found in moringa.

* Moringa is also said to balance sugar levels, hence it is helpful in the fight against diabetes.

* The body's natural defense mechanism increases with the consumption of moringa in the daily diet pattern. Since it is an immunity-stimulant, it is prescribed for AIDS afflicted patients. Less immunity is rampant in many provinces in Africa, especially people who do not have access to nutritious food and medicines.


* Moringa leaves can be consumed to stimulate metabolism.
* It is also said to have digestive powers.
* It is a nutrition booster and is known to promote a feeling of well-being in people.
* If you are looking for non-sugar based energy, then moringa leaves is the answer. Thus, it will also help in the weight loss process.
* The cell structure of the body is stimulated by the moringa leaves.
* It is especially useful for lactating mothers. The consumption of moringa has shown dramatic increase in the quantity of breast milk.
* It is also famous for its anti-bacterial properties.
* The paste of the moringa leaves is said to beautify the skin and is hence applied by women regularly.
* It protects the liver and kidneys.
* It can also be used as a water purifier.

Other Benefits of Moringa
Along with the health benefits of moringa, there are other benefits to it as well. They are enumerated below.

* It can be used as a source of biofuel.
* Cooking oil can also be produced from moringa tree. The health benefits of moringa oil, can be compared to sunflower oil and olive oil.
* It is used in the manufacture of cosmetics and personal care products. Perfumes and aromatherapy oils are also manufactured from moringa seeds.


The flowers of the moringa plant can be used in making herbal tea, for they add a refreshing aroma to the tea.

Moringa contains more than 90 nutrients and 46 types of antioxidants. With all the health benefits of moringa, it can easily be termed as the most nutritious plant on the face of the earth. 

There are no side-effects of moringa tree leaves which have been proved till date. At the same time it can be consumed by small children and adults alike. Therefore, many people have started using it in porridge, pastas, breads, etc., to reap the everlasting health benefits of the extraordinary 'Moringa'.

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